Chang’an Chestnut

The Chang’an (Xian) chestnuts are very nutritious, flagrant and good to appetite. Good in quality its pulp is fine and smooth. It may not only be taken into dry-fruit, powdered flour, canned goods or food and dessert. It is considered the best of all Chinese chestnuts in China, having won a great fame both in the domestic and international markets.

In ancient times, the people dealt with peach, plum. apricot, chestnut and jujube as five kinds of fruit, which are on a par with the “ five cereals.” The planting of chestnut trees has a history of over 2,000-3,000 years. The Chang’an chestnut tree grows very tall and luxuriant with its roots sticking deep into the earth. It is able to resist coldness, drought, wetness and sterility of soil, and is also good at resisting deceases. So it is easy to be planted. The fruit has thin skin but a fine taste and is easy to be peeled off. It is nutritious and can be kept long and so it provides goos economic benefit. Many people in the area very much to cultivate and plant the chestnut trees.

Changan Chestnut