Hele Made of Buckwheat Flour

“Hele” is a special kind of noodles and one of the local snacks in Xian. Don’t miss it if you’re taking a food tour of Xian China. The most famous ” Hele” is that made in the Jiaochangmen Restaurant, and so it is also called the “Jiaochangmen Hele.” It is made with buckwheat flour by a special method.

The basic way of making is like this: Using a suitable amount of water ( quickly treated with extremely hot lapis lazuli so as to help increase tile elasticity of the Hele noodles), while pouting it slowly into the buckwheat flour you knead it into something like fluff and further into suitably soft dough. Laying there for 15 minutes and put the dough into the round mouth of a wooden machine used specially for forming the Hele noodles. Use a measured force to press the handle of the machine so that the soft dough will go through the small holes under the machine and fall into the slightly boiling wok half opened lot cooking the noodles.

Hele Noodles Made of Buckwheat Flour

When the noodles float on to the water surface, get them out to he immediately cooled in the cooling water by the side. And when it is totally cooled get it out to be laid there let away the water and then laying it on the board to be scrambled with cooked rape-seeds oil and after this, lay the noodles loosely on the sieve wailing to be used. Generally speaking, Hele is to be taken cool and fresh. Before having them just get some into the bowl and add some salt, vinegar, mustard-powder, oil-fried pepper and garlic fluid; but when having it hot, it is first to warm the Hele up in the hot broth and then ladle in some hot mutton broth.

The special feature is chewy and sleeking, fragrant and fresh and appealing to appetite. The buckwheat noodles are easy for digestion, good for removing inner heat. It is a diet-cure, suitable to be taken in summer days.