The Demaogong Crystal Cake

The crystalline cake turned out in Demaogong Food Store at the corner of the cross-section of the Western Avenue and the Guangji Streel is the authentic food in Xi’an. Being initiated during the reign more than hundred years.

Demaochang Crystal Cake

The crystalline cake is pretty in shape and transparent with distinctive layers. It looks very much like a real crystal and so it is regarded as “No.1 dessert” of all desserts produced in Xi’an, thereby being listed into the recipe book entitled ” A Collection of Famous anti Special Desserts in China. ”

The materials used for making the crystalline cake include: Flour, rock candy, leaf-lard, tangerine cake, green and red preserved fruit slice, sweet rose and so on, all of which are fine and chosen materials. The process in the making is first to turn out wrappings, fillings, shortbread, and then to wrap them up, to be shaped and baked and finally to be encased. The rules of operation are very strict. The crystalline cake thus turned out is very nutritious, rich yet not greasy, though filled fully with sweeties, yet not seeping out, and what is more, it gives off a rich fragrance of rose.

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