The Fiery-red Persimmon Cake

The fiery-red persimmon cake in Xian is also called golden-yellow-cassia persimmon cake. As the cake looks golden yellow on both sides, soft and round in shape, sweet and fragrant like osmanthus flower, it is a traditional specially fine dessert in Xian and easy to get it everywhere in street bistros.

Fiery-red Persimmon Cake

The fiery-red persimmon cakes are mainly made of the shiny-red persimmons produced at Lintong District in Xian. They are assorted with wheal-flour, yellow-cassia, roses, green and red preserved fruit slices, leaf lard, shelled walnut and sugar, etc. The way of making it is like this: First get away with the calyxes and receptacles and knead the persimmons together with wheat flour into sticky pastes and knead further again into dough. Fetch some dough to fiat them into, round pieces and wrap in the persimmon fillings. Then seal them up by turning round and round in hand, and after that, lay them in the pan with rapeseeds od for baking. When the bottom side turns out reddish press them into flat ones and turn over for a 5-minutes further baking and again adding rapeseeds oil into the pan. And the cakes are ready when both sides turn out equally shiny-red.