Qujiang Pool

Qujiang Pool is a public park that locates opposite to South Gate of Tang Paradise. It used to be the imperial garden in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Nowadays on sites of the imperial garden there build many pseudo-classic building and the statues reflecting life of the Tang Dynasty. Qujiang Pool is an ideal place to spend leisurely weekends afternoon for local citizens. Taking walk along the banks of the pool and boating on the pool is the most seen scenery. In Qujiang Pool Scenic Area people could also see leather-shadow figures, paper cutting and other local folk handicraft.

Qujiang Pool

In the Tang Dynasty surrounding Jujiang Pool there were lines of pavilions and palaces. every two years the central government held imperial examination. And the ones who passed the examination will date to have party here. They put wine in the cup and put the cup on tray. Then let the tray float with water. The plate stopped randomly in zigzag canal in front of anyone. Then others would require him create a poem on spot. That game is called Taking Wine and Creating Poem (Qujiang Liuyin). And it is the special game of refined scholars. Nowadays the pool opens a participating game project to introduce modern people to the ancient game.

night tour to Qujiang, Xi’an-2In the pool there are many statues reflecting social life of the Tang Dynasty, like the zonked poet lying on ground, the people having bath in pool bank, and the official stuff on their way back to Chang’an, etc. In the pool there are boats. If one has interest, boating through groups of lotus he will feel the beauty of southern China. People will have chance to see Qin Opera and Leather-shadow Play. Besides there is a mini museum in which display Changan Leather Shadow, Fengxiang Clay Sculpture, Heyang Marionette Muppet, Ansai Paper Cutting, Huxiang Peasant Paintings and other folk handicrafts.

Entrance fee: Free

Opening Hours: All Day

Public Transportation: Bus 22, 224, 212, 504.