Xi’an North Railway Station: Train Schedule and How to Reach

Xi’an North Railway Station or Xi’anbei Railway Station, located in the Weiyang District of Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, is one of the most important railway hubs in the northwest region of China. It connects to many major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Luoyang, and Lanzhou, providing convenient transportation services for passengers.

In this article, you will find information on the timetable (including train numbers, duration, and ticket prices) from Xi’an North Station to other cities, as well as guidance on how to get to Terracotta Warriors, the Xian Airport, and some major attractions in Xi’an, offering a detailed guide for your trip to Xi’an.

Xi’an North Railway Station Address: Yuanshuo Road, Weiyang District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

Distance: 32km (20 miles) to Xian Xianyang International Airport / 40km (25 miles) to Terracotta Army / 19km (12 miles) to Bell Tower / 125km (77.5 miles) to Huashan Mountain / 20km (12.5 miles) to Xian City Wall.

Xi’an North Railway Station
Xian North Railway Station

Xi’an North Railway Station Layout

Xian North Railway Station covers an area of 533,000 square meters and can accommodate up to 80,000 passengers waiting at the station simultaneously. The station consists of 3 concourses, with a total of 18 platforms and 34 railway lines. The main functional areas of Xi’an North Train Station are divided into 3 floors:

The underground floor (B1) serves as the arrival and departure floor, shared by the railway and metro. It features an underground concourse for exiting the station, subway entrances and exits, and free passages connecting the North and South squares. There are five exit passages on each side of the concourse. In the middle is the subway area, where passengers can proceed from the exit passages to the subway area and then to the subway platforms on the second floor (B2) after purchasing tickets. Passengers who want to transfer to buses or taxis can access the underground parking lot via the north and south passages to take buses or taxis.

The ground floor (F1) serves as the departure floor and platform floor, primarily for entering the station. It features ticket counters, entrances, and platforms. There are 36 ticket-checking gates with a total of 152 automatic ticket-checking machines. A VIP waiting room is provided, and there is a dedicated lane between the arrival and departure floors where VIP vehicles can directly transport VIPs to the platforms. Passengers arriving by bus or subway and transferring to high-speed trains can enter the station from this floor.

The second floor (F2) is the departure and waiting area, for passengers awaiting trains. It features ticket offices and waiting halls, where passengers can see the arrival and departure of trains on the platforms. Above the floor is a commercial service area. Passengers arriving by taxi or transferring to high-speed trains can enter the station through the main entrances on the east and west sides of this floor. After entering the station, passengers can purchase tickets at the ticket counters located on both sides of the entrances and wait for ticket check in the designated areas according to the information displayed on the screens.

Xian North Railway Station
Platform at Xian North Railway Station

Xi’an High-Speed Train Schedule to Major Cities

As one of the most important and largest railway hubs in the northwest region, Xian North Railway Station operates nearly 400 high-speed trains every day, including D and G trains. Below are some high-speed trains from Xian North Railway Station to other popular cities:

To Train No. Duration Ticket Price
First Class Seat Second Class Seat
Beijing G652, G654, G672, G56, G88, G686… 4h11m – 5h58m RMB 824.5 RMB 515.5
Shanghai G1914, G4198, G3154, G362… 6h14m – 8h15m RMB 1094.5 RMB 669

(See details on Xian-Chengdu Trains)

D1967, D1911, D1971, D1913, G3739… 3h46m – 4h18m RMB 421 RMB 263
Shenzhen G3158, G816, G824, G828, G832… 8h28m – 13h33m RMB 1478 RMB 936
Zhengzhou G1914, G3278, G3158, G870… 1h42m – 2h22m RMB 382 RMB239
Lanzhou D2649, D2717, D2685, D2721… 2h47m – 6h20m RMB 320.5 RMB 320.5
Luoyang G3278, G870, G652, G2298, G1900… 1h15m – 1h40m RMB 279.5 RMB 174.5
Kunming G2851 10h47m RMB 1267 RMB 780.5
Changsha G816, G824, G828, G844, G836… 5h34m – 6h31m RMB 980 RMB 612
Chongqing G3739, 2851, 2241, D1979, G2207… 4h56m – 5h39m RMB 447 RMB 279.5

* Note: The schedule above is for reference only (Updated on Feb.17, 2024).

Popular Xian Side Tours by Xi’an North Railway Station

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6 Days Xian and Chengdu Tour by High-speed Train

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How to Get to Xi’an North Railway Station?

There are usually three ways to get to Xi’an North Railway Station from the Xian downtown: subway, taxi, and city bus.

By subway (the fastest): Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Xi’an North Train Station. The subway is connected to the train station, and you can follow the signs to go to the station to take the train.

By taxi (the most comfortable): Taking a taxi from the city center (taking the Bell Tower as an example) to Xi’an North Railway Station takes about 50 minutes and costs about 50 RMB.

By bus (the cheapest): You can take bus No.108, 263, 264, and 266 from downtown to Xi’an North Railway Station.

If you want a faster, safer, and more comfortable train station transfer, please click Xian Railway Transportation to find details about train station car rental. You can also see more Xian Car Rental services if you need one during your Xian tour.

Xian Metro Map
Xian Metro Map

How to get from Xian North Railway Station to Popular Sites?

Xian North Railway Station to Xian Airport

You can take Metro Line 14 directly to the airport.

Xian North Railway Station to Xi’an Railway Station

Metro Line 4 and Bus No.200 and 266 can take passengers to Xi’an Railway Station without transfer.

Xian North Railway Station to Terracotta Warriors

You can take Metro Line 2 and get off at Beidajie Station (北大街). Transfer to Metro Line 1 and get off at Fangzhicheng Station (纺织城). Transfer to Line 9 to Huaqing Pool. Then take Bus No.613 to the destination.

Xian North Railway Station to Bell Tower

Metro Line 2 will take you directly to the Bell Tower. You can walk 5 minutes from the Bell Tower to the nearby Drum Tower and Muslim Quarter.

Xian North Railway Station to Huashan Mountain

You can take a train from Xian North Railway Station to Huashan North Railway Station. Then transfer to Bus No.603 to get off at Huashan Bus Station. Continue walking for about 1km to reach Huashan Scenic Area.

Xian North Railway Station to Ancient City Wall

Take the Metro Line 2 and get off at Yongningmen Station (永宁门). Get out from Exit D2.

Xian City Wall Yongning Gate
Xian City Wall Yongning Gate

Xi’an North Railway Station Luggage Storage

If you have luggage to store at the station, you can use the self-service storage lockers at the North and South Plazas (no valuable items).

Small locker: Prepay RMB 30, RMB 2 per hour, remaining balance automatically refunded after storage ends (maximum charge of RMB 30, and you can store your luggage for 24 hours; if you need to store for more than 24 hours, please contact customer service).

Large locker: Prepay RMB 30, RMB 3 per hour, charges deducted hourly, remaining balance automatically refunded after storage ends (maximum charge of RMB 30, and you can store your luggage for 24 hours)

* Note: you need to use Alipay or WeChat scanning code to store your luggage.

Tips for Taking High-Speed Train

1. Each station has a ticket conductor issuing train tickets at the service window. Please show your passport or passport copy to the staff when buying the ticket.

2. The luggage weight of an adult is 20kg per person and for a child, it is 10kg, the length and width plus height together can’t be more than 130cm.

3. The dangerous goods against laws or public security and public health are strictly limited. Luggage needs checking by machine and especially liquids would be checked by a special machine. Although security checking is strict it won’t take too much time, just one minute is enough.

4. Pets are not allowed to be taken on the high-speed rail (check is permitted).

5. Passengers should take care of their luggage and valuables to avoid being lost or stolen because the stations will receive many people from different areas and all lines daily.

6. Travelers are suggested to arrive at the station 1.5 hours earlier because you need to queue to get into the waiting hall and for the queue for security checking and also ticket checking. With lots of people pouring into or staying at stations, the time for queue won’t be short.

7. There are bus stops and the metro entrance close to North Railway Station (metro station North Railway Station and North Railway Station bus stop), so you could take the metro or bus conveniently while the taxi is more expensive. Metro is the best way to downtown city.

8. Within the station, there are some restaurants where both Western and Chinese food are available.