Xian North Railway Station

Xian North Railway Station is located 12km north of Xian city center, 21km east of Xian Xianyang Airport. Different from Xian Railway Station, Xian North Railway Station is used for the high speed trains and D trains (CRH: China Railway High-speed). Xian North Railway Station is the last station of Xian Metro Line 2 to north. It was opened to the public on Jan 11, 2011.

Xian North Railway Station has three layers. The top layer is the departing hall, the middle layer is the plat forming layer, and the bottom layer is the arriving hall where the Metro Line 2 also stops.

On plat forming layer there are ticket halls and VIP waiting area. And through the dedicated lanes VIP passengers could be transferred directly to platform where you will board train. G/D trains between Xian and the other major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc are all available. And D/G trains between Xian and Huashan, Luoyang, will also make one’s tour easy and fast. From Sep 2016 fast train connecting Xian and Shanghai will open by that that it will take only 6 hours from Xian to Shanghai. High speed train between Xian and Xinjiang are also under construction, it is expected to open to public in 3-5 years. At that time tourists who take China Silk Road Tour will have a brand new and comfortable transport method. It will spend only about 11 hours from Xian to Xinjiang.

North Xian Railway Station

Transportation from Xi’an downtown to North Railway Station

Metro is the most convenient and direct way to North Railway Station for passengers from downtown as the last stop to north of Metro Line 2 is North Railway Station. People taking Metro Line 1 could change to Line2 at Beidajie Station and get off at the last stop and you will be at North Railway Station.

Some buses passing by North Railway Station could also take passengers to there. Bus266 runs between Xi’an Railway Station and North Railway Station from 06:00 to 23:00. Bus 265 runs from 06:30 to 20:30 between North Railway Station and Zhangjiabao. Bus264 runs from North Railway Station to Laodonglu between 06:30 to 19:30. Bus 263 sets at 06:30 to 19:30 between North Railway and Dongmen(East Gate of City Wall).

If you want a faster, safer, and more comfortable train station transfer, please clieck Xian Railway Transportation to find details about train station car rental from China Xian Tour.

Trains from North Railway Station to Huashan North Railway Station

There are more than 10 trains everyday between Xi’an and Huashan, which really benefits visitors who plan their tour about two sites. Usually these trains run about 30 to 40 minutes in their whole journey and the prices depends on the seats category—a business seat needs CNY175.5, a first class one needs CNY89.5 and second one CNY54.5 as well as a special seat 89.5 in G trains. The exact train numbers is below for people’s convenience: G824, G660, G2008, G838, G846, G664, G2012, G670, G2014 and G2016. Passengers go to Mt.Hua by high speed railway can take special tour bus after getting out from the high speed railway gate. The time to tourist center of Huashan from high speed railway is about 15minutes and price is CNY10. Also you could take taxi which needs about CNY20.

North Xian Railway Station

Tips for Taking High Speed Train

1. Each station has ticket conductor issuing train tickets at service window. Please show your passport or passport copy to the stuff when buying ticket.

2. The luggage weight of adult is 20kg per person and for child it is in 10kg, the length and width plus height together can’t be more than 130cm.

3. The dangerous goods against laws or the public security and public health are strictly limited. Luggage needs checking by machine and especially liquids would be checked by special machine. Although security checking is strict it would not take too much time, one minute is ok.

4. Pets are not allowed to be take on the high speed rail (check is permitted).

5. Passengers should take care of your luggage and your valuables to avoiding being losing or stolen because the stations will receive many people from different areas and all lines every day.

6. Travelers are suggested to arrive at the station 1.5 hours earlier because you need to queue to get into the waiting hall and for queue for security checking and also tickets checking. With lots people pouring into or stay at stations, the time for queue won’t be short.

7. There are bus stops and metro entrance closed to North Railway Station (metro station North Railway Station and North Railway Station bus stop), you could take metro or bus conveniently while taxi is more expensive. Metro is the best way to downtown city.

8. Within the station there are some restaurant where both Western and Chinese food are available.