Xian Subway/Metro

According to municipal planning, 6 Metro Lines has been constructed in Xian urban and suburban areas. Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 will be the main lines to release the downtown traffic pressure and other lines will function as supplements to the main lines. At present Line 1 and Line 2 were put into operation with their meeting point at Bei Da Jie Station. Taking Metro Line 2 from city center (Zhonglou Station) to Xian North Railway Station takes only about 25 minutes. Metro Line 3 meets Line 2 at Xiao Zhai Station where the 2nd busiest commercial area locates. Other lines are still under construction or the construction is not carried out yet. Most of the popular tourist attractions are connected by Xian Metro, which means it will be easier to visit Xian independently for travelers home and abroad by taking the Metro. Besides the attractions outside the Metro stations, the local history & culture theme walls within Metro stations could be interesting to some travelers. The culture wall in Yong Ning Men Station is regarded as the finest one. Here we list some most helpful information about Xian Metro. Hope they could help.

Current Xian Metro Charging Policy

Xian Metro takes RMB2-7 per person per time according to the transfer distance. The specific standard is, 0-6km charges RMB2, 6-10km charges RMB3, 10-14km charges RMB4, 14-20km charges RMB5, 20-26km charges RMB6,  26km and above charges extra RMB1 for every 8km based 26km.

Xian Metro

Things Need Attention When Taking Xian Metro

1. Luggage regardless of its weight or volume needs security checking before boarding the Metro train. And the liquids also need checking with special checking machine. The security check is a must and it usually takes less than one minute.

2. Each station has a ticket conductor issuing Metro tickets at the service window. There are also ticket vendors through which passengers could buy Metro tickets. If buy tickets from ticket vendors, only Chinese yuan with a face value of 5, 10 are accepted at present.

3. Children below 1.2m are free of charge. Please take the kid in your arms or let the kid pass check-in entrance first to ensure their safety.

4. Each Metro station has 3-4 exits in four directions. So please make it clear from which exit you should go out. Otherwise you may waste quite some time finding the right way to your destination.

Line 1 (West – East): Houweizhai — Fangzhicheng

Stops from West to East: 

Hou Wei Zhai-San Qiao-Zao He-Zao Yuan-Han Cheng Lu-Kai Yuan Men-Lao Dong Lu-Yu Xiang Men-Sa Jin Qiao-Bei Da Jie-Wu Lu Kou-Chao Yang Men-Kang Fu Lu-Tong Hua Men-Wan Shou Lu-Chang Le Po-Chan He-Ban Po-Fang Zhi Cheng

Xian Metro

Tips for Metro Line 1 Taking:

1. The first Metro train usually sets at about 06:10 and the last train sets at about 22:50.

2. Getting out at Kai Yuan Men Station there is West Xian Bus Station where inter-city buses to Yangling, Baoji and other cities to the west of Xian available.

3. Wu Lu Kou Station is about 15 minutes walk to Xian Train Station and 10 minutes walk to Grand Soluxe International Hotel.

4. Chao Yang Men Station locates at the East Gate of Xian City Wall from where one could visit City Wall.

5. Kang Fu Lu Station locates at Kang Fu Lu Street which is a popular shopping place for local people. And that Metro station is about 10 minutes walk to Xijing Hospital, the best comprehensive hospital in Xian.

6. Tong Hua Men Station (Exit D) locates in front of Golden Flower Hotel Xi’an by Shangri-La.

7. Ban Po Station is not so near to Banpo Museum. It takes about 15 minutes by taxi from Metro station to the museum.

8. Fang Zhi Cheng Station is close to East Xian Bus Station where inter-city buses to cities to the east of Xian available. And that station is about 10 minutes walk to Tang Du Hospital, the 2nd best comprehensive hospital in Xian.

Line 2 (North–South): Xian North Railway Station—Weiqu Nan

Xian Metro

Stops from North to South: 

Bei Ke Zhan-Bei Yuan-Yun Dong Gong Yuan-Xing Zheng Zhong Xin-Feng Cheng 5 Lu-Shi Tu Shu Guan-Da Ming Gong Xi-Long Shou Yuan-An Yuan Men-Bei Da Jie-Zhong Lou-Yong Ning Men-Nan Shao Men-Ti Yu Chang-Xiao Zhai-Wi 1 Jie-Hui Zhan Zhong Xin-San Yao-Hang Tian Cheng-Feng Xi Yuan-Wei Qu Nan

Tips for Metro Line 2 Taking:

1. The first Metro train usually sets at about 06:10 and the last train sets at about 23:00.

2. Bei Ke Zhan Station locates at Xian North Railway Station. At present all D train and G train arrive and depart in Xian. And in that station, about 10 fast trains depart to Mt Huashan are set daily at different times.

3. Long Shou Yuan Station locates in front of Sheraton Xi’an North City Hotel.

4. An Yuan Men Station is the North Gate of Xian City Wall from where people could visit City Wall.

5. Zhong Lou Station is close to Bell Tower. It is the most central area of Xian. Muslim Quarter, Great Mosque, Ramada Xian Bell Tower Hotel and many international hostels are within 15 minutes walk. Many people easily lose their direction in the underground passage. There are underground passage maps in several places. Please carefully check them if you are not sure from where to exit. Or you could ask some young passengers. In Chinese cities, most young people could understand and speak some simple English.

6. Yong Ning Men Station locates on the outer side of South Gate of City Wall where one could visit City Wall. That gate is the grandest and beautiful gate of the City Wall. The ancient Chinese style City Enter Welcome Ceremony is staged there in the early evening (starts at about 19:30) daily in summer half year as long as it does not rain. Inner side of the South Gate on its right there is Shu Yuanmen and outer side of the South Gate across the street to the south there is the Grand Park Xian Hotel.

7. Nan Shao Men Station locates on the north side of Xian Hotel. It is about 10 minutes walk to the hotel and The Tang Dynasty, one of the local restaurants & theaters where the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show performed. About 10 minutes walk to the west of the station is Small Wild Goose Pagoda.

8. Ti Yu Chang Station locates next to Xi’an Elite Hotel and Shaanxi Provincial Library.

9. Xiao Zhai Station locates in front of Saga Shopping Mall. About 15 minutes walk to the east is Shaanxi History Museum.

10. Hui Zhan Zhong Xian Station locates in front of the Qujiang International Exhibition Center.

Line 3 (Northeast – Southwest): Xian International Trade & Logistics Park—Yuhuazhai

Stops from Northeast to Southwest

Bao Shui Qu-Xin Zhu-Shuang Zhai-Guo Ji Gang Wu Qu-Wu Zhuang-Shi Bo Yuan-Chan Ba Zhong Xin-Tao Hua Tan-Guang Tai Men-Xin Jia Miao-Shi Jia Jie-Hu Jia Miao-Tong Hua Men-Chang Le Gong Yuan-Chun Ming Men-Yan Xing Men-Qing Long Si-Bei Chi Tou-Da Yan Ta-Xiao Zhai-Ji Xiang Cun-Tai Bai Nan Lu-Ke Ji Lu-Yan Ping Men-Zhang Ba Bei Lu-Yu Hua Zhai

Xian metro line 3 is 39.15 kilometers long, including 27.13 kilometers underground and 11.57 kilometers overground. There are 26 stations, including 19 underground stations and 7 elevated stations.

On November 8, 2019, the first phase of Line 3 (from Yuhuazhai Station to Baoshuiqu Station) was put into operation.

The metro Line 3 also transfers with Line 1 and Line 2 at Tonghuamen station and Xiaozhai Station respectively, forming the main framework of Xian rail transit network.

Line 4 (Southeast – North): Hang Tian Xincheng – Bei Ke Zhan

Xian Metro Line 4 is 35.2 km long, with all underground. There are 29 stations starting from Beikezhan(Xian North Railway Station) and ending at Hangtian Xincheng Station(Space new city station).

Metro Line 4 is open for operation on Dec. 26th, 2019. It runs through several large passenger flow distribution points such as Beikezhan, Wulukou, Dachaishi, Dayanta, Datang Furong Yuan, etc.

It also passes through several cultural relics protection sites. During the design and construction stage of the subway line, Xian metro line 4 detoured to protect the ruins of Daming Palace in the Tang dynasty, Xian Incident site, Xian City Wall ruins and Dayan Pagoda, and so on.

Xian subway line 4 is designed on the basis of the theme “Silk Road Chang ‘an”. In more detail, the northern section is decorated to show the look of Xian city in the new era. The middle section focuses on displaying the long history and culture of the Tang dynasty and the Chinese cultural deposits in Xian. And the South section highlights the new China’s space industry and technology development.