Xian Subway/Metro: Lines, Prices, and How to Buy Tickets

The Xi’an Metro, serving the city of Xi’an with its urban rail transit system, has developed into the backbone of transportation in the northwest region since 2011. Currently, the Xi’an Metro system consists of 9 lines, covering multiple important areas of the city, with a total operating length exceeding 300 kilometers and nearly 200 stations. As of December 31, 2023, the highest daily passenger volume of the Xi’an subway was 4.7 million people.

The operational subway lines include Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, Line 5, Line 6, Line 9, Line 14, and Line 16. Besides, Lines 8, 10, and 15 are currently under construction.


Xi’an Metro Logo

The logo of Xi’an Metro looks like a seal as a whole. The white part adopts the shape of Xi’an’s iconic building – the Ancient City Wall. The oval on the inside represents both the city gates of the wall and the design of the subway tunnel. Together, they form an “M” shape, which is the internationally recognized symbol of metro systems. The walls extending outward on both sides of the Xi’an Ming City Wall resemble rivers and blood vessels, symbolizing the vibrant vitality and growth of the metro system.

Xian Metro Logo
Xian Metro Logo

Station Sign

Xi’an Metro is the only subway system in China that sets up individual logos for each station. These designs appear on station pillars, prominent locations within the station, platform screen doors, directional signs, etc., along with station names written in the Kai font (楷体, a regular script).

Xian-Metro Station Signs
Xian Metro Lines 2 and 3 Station Signs

Xi’an Metro Lines in Operation

Lines Identification Color Starting/Ending Stations Number of Stations Operating Length
Line 1 Blue Fangzhicheng – Xianyang West 30 42.11 km
Line 2 Red Caotan – Changninggong 25 33.4 km
Line 3 Pink Yuhuazhai – Baoshuiqu 26 39.15 km
Line 4 Bluish Green Hangtianxincheng – Xi’anbei 29 35.2 km
Line 5 Chartreuse Chuangxingang – Matengkong 31 41.6 km
Line 6 Indigo Xi’an Guoji Yixue Zhongxin – Fangzhicheng 30 35.1 km
Line 9 Orange Fangzhicheng – Qinlingxi 15 25.3 km
Line 14 Turquoise Airport West (T1, T2, T3) – Heshao 18 43 km
Line 16 Light Red Qinchuangyuan Center – Shijingli 9 15.1 km


Major Line 1 Stations: Xianyangxi (Xianyangxi Railway Station) – Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine – Shanglinlu – Fenghe Forest Park – Sajinqiao – Beidajie – Wulukou – Kangfulu – Tonghuamen – Banpo – Fangzhicheng

Major Line 2 Stations: Caotan – Xi’anbei (Xi’an North Railway Station) – Xingzheng Zhongxin (Administrative Center) – Shitushuguan (Public Library) – Daminggongxi  (Daming Palace West) – Beidajie – Zhonglou (Bell Tower) – Nanshaomen – Tiyuchang (Shaanxi Stadium) – Xiaozhai – Changninggong

Major Line 3 Stations: Yuhuazhai – Kejilu – Xiaozhai – Dayanta (Giant Wild Goose Pagoda) – Qinglongsi (Qinglong Temple) – Xianninglu – Changlegongyuan (Changle Park) – Tonghuamen – Chanbazhongxin – Shuangzhai – Baoshuiqu

Major Line 4 Stations: Xi’anbei (North Railway Station) – Xingzheng Zhongxin (Administrative Center) – Daminggong (Daming Palace Site of Tang Dynasty) – Xi’an Railway Station – Wulukou – Dachaishi – Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology – Dayanta (Giant Wild Goose Pagoda) – Hangtianxincheng

Major Line 5 Stations: Matengkong – Qinglongsi (Qinglong Temple) – Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology – Nanshaomen – Northwestern Polytechnical University – Fengqing Park – Epanggong South – Happy Valley – Chuangxingang

Major Line 6 Stations: Xi’an Guoji Yixue Zhongxin (International Medical Central Hospital) – Shaanxi Provincial Gymnasium – Mutasi – Ganjiazhai – Keji Road – Northwestern Polytechnical University – Bell Tower – Dachaishi – Fangzhicheng

Major Line 9 Stations: Fangzhicheng – Fenghuangchi – Yingwusi Park – Xi’an Polytechnic University (Lintong Campus) – Huaqing Pool – Qinling West

Major Line 14 Stations: Airport West (T1, T2, T3) – Airport T5 (Closed) – Xi’an North Railway Station – Wenjingshan Park – Xi’an Technological University – Olympic Sports Center – Shuangzhai – Heshao

Major Line 16 Stations: Qinchuangyuan Center – Shanglinlu – Xi’an International Football Center -Happy Valley – Shijingli

Xian Metro Bell Tower
Xian Metro Zhonglouzhan Bell Tower

Operation Time of Xi’an Metro

Lines Starting Stations
Line 1 Xianyang West


(06:00 – 23:05)



(06:00 – 23:30)

Line 2 Caotan


(06:00 – 23:45)



(06:00 – 23:45)

Line 3 Yuhuazhai


(06:00 – 23:15)



(06:00 – 23:00)

Line 4 Xian North Railway Station


(06:00 – 23:00)



(06:00 – 23:00)

Line 5 Matengkong


(06:00 – 23:15)



(06:00 – 23:15)

Line 6 Xi’an Guoji Yixue Zhongxin


(06:00 – 23:15)



(06:00 – 23:15)

Line 9 Fangzhicheng


(06:00 – 22:00)

Qinling West


(06:00 – 22:30)

Line 14 Airport West (T1, T2, T3)


(06:00 – 22:20)



(06:00 – 22:30)

Line 16 Qingchuangyuan Center


(06:00 – 22:00)



(06:15 – 22:15)


Xi’an Metro Ticket Price

Xi’an Metro adopts a distance-based fare system. The initial fare is RMB 2 for up to 6 kilometers (inclusive of 6 kilometers), which means RMB 2 for 0-6 kilometers. For distances between 6 to 10 kilometers, the fare is RMB 3; for 10 to 14 kilometers, it is RMB 4; for 14 to 20 kilometers, it is RMB 5; for 20 to 26 kilometers, it is RMB 6. For distances exceeding 26 kilometers, an additional RMB 1 is charged for every 8 kilometers traveled.

The highest ticket price in the Xi’an subway system is RMB 13 (Chuangxingang Station/Qinling West Station – Airport West Station).

Passengers using the Xi’an metro card (Local Public Transport Card) to ride the metro enjoy a 10% discount. If each adult passenger carries two children less than 130cm tall (inclusive of 130 centimeters) or under the age of 6 years old (inclusive of 6 years old), children will be free of charge. If more than two children are brought along, tickets must be purchased for the additional passengers.


Xi’an Metro Ticket Types

Single Journey Tickets: Single journey tickets are not eligible for discounts. They are collected by the ticket gates upon exiting the station. Single journey tickets purchased at metro stations can be refunded if they are unused, the ticket is intact, and the ticket information is legible. Refunds can be processed at any metro station on the day of purchase.

Xi’an Electronic Metro Card: Passengers can buy Xian metro tickets through Alipay or the Xi’an Metro APP.

One-Day Pass: The ticket price is RMB 15. Passengers can ride all Xi’an Metro lines unlimited times within 24 hours from the first entry through the ticket gate. The ticket cannot be used by multiple people simultaneously. The ticket will not be collected upon exiting and can be kept as a souvenir.

Three-day Pass: The ticket price is RMB 40. Passengers can ride all Xi’an Metro lines unlimited times within 72 hours from the first entry through the ticket gate. The ticket cannot be used by multiple people simultaneously. The activation time of the ticket starts from the first use at the entry gate. If the ticket is not activated from the date of purchase, it remains valid for use within 2 years.

Xian Metro Single Journey Ticket
Xian Metro Single Journey Ticket
Xi'an Metro Pass
3 Day Pass and One Day Pass


How to Plan a Xian Tour Using Xian Metro?

If you are planning a trip to Xi’an using the local metro, you need to know the subway lines and the tourist attractions they cover. For most of the time, you can find the suitable routes based on your Xian itinerary. For example, you can visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the Tang Paradise together by taking Metro Line 3 to and get off at Dayanta Station. If you’re visiting the Bell Tower and the Muslim Quarter, take Metro Line 2 and get off at the Zhonglou Station.

For the visit to Terracotta Warriors, it is a bit complicated, you can take Metro Line 1 to Fangzhicheng, transfer to Lintong Tourism Line No. 613, and get off at the Bingmayong Bus Station. With the convenient metro in Xian, tourist is able to easily shuttle between the major attractions and their hotels. Enjoy a cheap and worry-free journey in Xian!