Chinese & English Name of Xian Attractions

Chinese name of places you will go is the must-know thing for tourists who are planning a independent Xian tour. Bellow are the Chinese & English name of some most visited attractions in and nearby Xian.

Xian Attractions

English name Chinese name
Terracotta Warriors and Horses/Terracotta Army 兵马俑
Banpo Museum 半坡博物馆
City Wall 城墙
Shaanxi History Museum 陕西历史博物馆
Big Wild Goose Pagoda/Big Goose Pagoda 大雁塔
Small Wilde Goose Pagoda/Small Goose Pagoda 小雁塔
 Great Mosque 大清真寺
Muslim Quarter/Muslim Street 回民街
Xi’an Museum 西安博物院
 Daming Palace  大明宫遗址公园
 Tang Paradise  大唐芙蓉园
 Huaqing Hot Spring/Huaqing Pool  华清池
 Beilin Museum/Museum of Stone Steles  碑林博物院
 Mt, Hua/Huashan Mountain  华山
 Hukou Waterfall  壶口瀑布
 Hanyangling Museum/Hanyangling Mausoleum/Mausoleum of Emperor Jingdi  汉阳陵博物馆
 Qianling Mausoleum  乾陵
 Famen Temple  法门寺

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