Mosques in Xian

Since the direct flight between Xian and Kuala Lumpur opened in 2014, Xian receives an increasing number of Malaysian tourists. The Muslim Tour gradually becomes an importation portion in Xian tour market. And quite some Malaysian tourists are religious Muslims. Hence attending worship is important part of Muslims’ stay in Xian.

The best known Mosque in Xian is the Great Mosque locating at end of Muslim Quarter. Actually in Xian there are many Mosques spreading wildly in many parts of the City. In most areas in and nearby Xian Muslim tourists could find a Mosque to perform prayer without much difficulty. Following are the detailed information of the Mosques.

Name of the Mosque Address
Huajuexiang Mosque Huajue Lane, Xiadajie Street, Lianhu District, Xian
Dapiyuan Mosque Dapiyuan Lane, Xixinjie Street, Lianhu District, Xian
Xiaopiyuan Mosque Xiaopiyuan Lane, Xixinjie Street, Lianhu District, Xian
Hongfujie Mosque Hongfujie Street, Lianhu District, Xian
Da Xuexixiang Mosque Daxuexi Lane, Xidajie Street, Lianhu District, Xian
Xiao Xuexixiang Mosque Xiaoxuexi Lane, Xidajie Street, Lianhu District, Xian
Guangjijie Mosque Guangji Street, Lianhu District, Xian
Xicang Mosque Xicang Dongxiang Lane, Huanghou Street, Lianhu District, Xian
Sajinqiao Mosque Sajinqiao Crossroad, Lianhu District, Xian
Lvshan Mosque Xiangmiyuan Lane, Sajinqiao Street, Lianhu District, Xian
Nancheng Mosque Insider Hepingmen Gate, Beilin District, Xian
Jianguoxiang Mosque Shangjianlu Road, Dongxinjie Street, Xincheng District, Xian
Dongxinjie Qingzhen Xisi Mosque Dongxinjie Street, Xincheng District, Xian
Dongcheng Mosque Humin Xincun Village, Eastern Yongle Road, Xincheng District, Xian
Beiguan Mosque No 30 Western Yongxiang Road, Weiyang District, Xian
Tongjiaxiang Mosque Western Erma Road, Beiguan Xincheng District, Xian
Lintong District Nandajie Crossroad, Lintong District
Huxian Mosque Huimin Road, Huxian County
Zhouzhi County Mosque Yongfeng Lane, Zhouzhi County