Public Transportation to Mt. Huashan from Xian

Mt. Huashan is situated in Huayin county in Shaanxi province, about 120 kilometers from Xian. Known as the top preciptitous mountain in the world, it is on the Things-To-Do list of numerous travelers’ Xian Tour.  The steep paths,  breathtaking crags, beautiful scenery are incredibly worth a shot.

For visitors who want to go to Mt. Huashan without joining a package tour, there are two kinds of transportation that are both convenient.

Mt. Huashan
Mt Huashan

By High-speed Train:

The schedule of high-speed train from Xian north to Huashan is shown as follows(not all the train are listed) . When you get out of the train station, you can grab a taxi to the scenic spot of Mt. Huashan.

Kind Note: If you plan to visit Huashan in one daytime, it is suggested to take the morning train and you can get back to Xian by evening train. Likewise, there are also many options for Huashan – Xian train, and the latest one departs from Huashan at 21:55.


By Bus

Visitors can take direct bus which departs at east side of the Xian Railway Station’s parking lot. It costs about 30-40 yuan. The bus will drop you at the foot of Mt. Huashan.

Another way is taking Tourist Line 1 at east square of Xian Railway Station, which only leaves at 8:00 am and returns at 8:00 pm. It’s 22 yuan one way to Huashan.

The third option is taking bus at Xian East(or South) Coach Station to Huayin (Mt. Huashan). The bus departs every 15 minutes between 07:00 to 19:15. The ticket fare is about 40 yuan and the bus journey usually takes about 2 hours.

Kind note: Make sure not to get on the wrong bus, because there are different bus lines  from station.

Cable Car of Mt Huashan