Best Photography Spots in Xi’an 2022/2023

Photography is one of the best ways to record the moments of your life, especially during a journey. While traveling in Xi’an, the time-honored capital of 13 ancient Chinese dynasties, you will be wowed by many natural wonders and historical masterpieces. Photography in Xi’an, without a doubt, is the ultimate experience for any Instagrammers or photographers.


To help Instagrammers and photography enthusiasts out, we’d collected the best photography and Instagram spots in Xi’an. The recommended time for good lighting is also attached.


City Wall


The area embraced by the City Wall is the ancient city center with many historical landmarks, and the outside areas are where to see the modern Xi’an. Standing 12 meters high, and 12-14 meters wide, the City Wall used to be a defense system in ancient times, now it is a great platform to look into both the ancient parts and modern part of the Xi’an. Besides walking or cycling atop the wall, visitors can also get a great bird’s eye angle to shoot great photos.

Recommended photography time: sunrise in the dawn, the sunset in the dusk, in the snowy days or sunny days

Xian Ancient City Wall
Ancient City Wall


Mount Huashan


Different from the historical City Wall, you will be delighted by the breathtaking scenery and crazily press your shutter on the Mount Huashan which is one of five sacred mountains in China. Famous for awe-inspiring sunrise, gorgeous mountain scenery, a sea of clouds, tens of ancient Taoist temples, Mount Huashan is no lack of great photography opportunities.

Different seasons and weathers on the mountain showcase different stunning sceneries.

North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda


Big Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the landmarks in Xian where the precious Buddhist scriptures taken from Indian by Xuanzang Monk have been stored. From the Tang Dynasty time to nowadays, it always has been a popular place for local people, especially today after a large square with the largest music fountain in Asia was built around it. As a good place to spend leisure time, North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda receives a large number of people each day.

North Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda is the place to photograph Xian local people, and many cultural performances, including the Qinqiang Opera, Tai Chi exercise, Square dance, and the beautiful music fountain.


Muslim Quarter


Muslim Quarter is the place to look into and photograph Xian peoples bustling life and community culture. Located in the city center, the busy Muslim Quarter is filled with various stalls selling diversified Xi’an food, and souvenirs. It also offers visitors a chance to see both local Han people and Muslim people for the shops on the street are mainly managed by them.

The Great Mosque in the Muslim Quarter area is the largest mosque in China, offering the perfect combination of traditional Chinese and Islamic architecture art.

Recommended time: Nighttime is the busiest time of the Muslim Quarter, morning time is also bustling.


Bell & Drum Tower


Bell Tower is right the very center of the whole Xian City, a symbol of this ancient capital of China. Standing at the crossroads of four main streets, the Bell Tower sees four streets extending their way in four different directions. Climbing up to the tower, you will enjoy a bird view of the bustling streets, see the interesting layout of the ancient city center, and sure, take beautiful pictures too.

Tang Paradise


Tang Paradise located at southeast of Big Wild Goose Pagoda is the largest Tang-style building complex in China. It is the prototype of the real royal garden of the Tang Dynasty, being built on the original location of the ancient royal garden and based on its historical sites, relics. In the garden, you will feast your eyes with lakes, Tang-style buildings, halls, columns, eaves, pavilions, and feel the previous glory of the Tang Dynasty.

Each scene here could be an interesting memory.


Shuyuanmen Cultural Street


An ancient cultural street next to the South Gate of the City Wall, Shuyuanmen Cultural Street is the place to meet a complex of ancient architectures and numerous stalls of the Ming and Qing Dynasty styles that overflow with calligraphy, paintings, calligraphy brushes, inks, paper-cuts, antiques, jade articles, fold music instruments, etc.

Shuyuanmen Cultural Street