Cancellation Policy

Any Cancellation prior to your tour departure time is free of charge unless there are any fees incurred because of the cancellation.

Free Cancellation of your trip if

1. No flight tickets, train tickets, hotels, and entrance tickets booked.
2. Inform your travel consultant by email or phone call at least 48hrs prior to your tour departure date.

Cancellation Within 48hrs

1. Cancellation within 48hrs before 24hrs of the tour departure day: 30% penalty of the full amount.
2. Cancellation within 24hrs before the tour departure day: 50% penalty of the full amount.
3. Cancellation on the tour departure day: No refund.

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Train, flight, hotel cancellation Policy:

Depend on the train station; air Company, hotels cancellation policy.

Refund Process

1. Apply your refund by sending an email to your travel consultant.
2. Confirm Refund amount.
3. Confirm Refund channel (PayPal, Cash etc.)
4. Get your refund (within 5 Work Days after approval)

Special Notes

Above Cancellation and Refund terms are for general tours. If you book our tailor made tours which including Silk Road, Tibet, Yangtze River and other countries, Please apply to your travel consultant for detailed refund policy.

Insurance Tips

We suggest you to purchase your own Travel Insurance that will cover cancellation costs as well as other eventualities.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda