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The amazing Danxia landform, also known as the Rainbow Mountain, powerfully defines people’s impression of Zhangye City. Zhangye boasts more than a Rainbow Mountain tour with its historic and cultural resources including Matisi Grottoes and Giant Buddha Temple because it was one of the “Four Largest Counties” of Hexi Corridor along the ancient Silk Road, which helps it inherited rich historic and cultural treasures in the lengthy past. Located in an oasis in the northwestern Gansu Province, it also enjoys a superb natural environment including prairie, rivers, hills…adding more enchantment for travelers from all over the world.

How Do I Plan My Zhangye Tour?

  • Zhangye Travel Schedule

One day Zhangye Rainbow Mountain tour is doable to quickly catch the essence for those who have limited time for their China Silk Road trips. 2-3 days Zhangye tours are suggested with proper travel pace to explore its natural and cultural landscapes in a comfortable way. If you have 3 more days, some extended Zhangye tours are considerable: Lanzhou Zhangye tours, Xining Zhangye tours, Zhangye Jiayuguan tours, Zhangye Jiayuguan Dunhuang tours, and more.

  • Zhangye Transportation

Zhangye is well equipped with both flight and train systems, conveniently connecting the major cities in China including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Guangzhou, and so on. If you are planning to start your Zhangye tour from those gateway cities like Beijing and Shanghai, a flight is a better option without doubt; if Zhangye is one station of your whole China Silk Road tour with Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, and Dunhuang also on the list, a train or car is more recommended.

Top 3 Zhangye Tours

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Zhangye with our top 3 Zhangye tours. Be escorted by our knowledgeable local guide, you will witness the captivating beauty of Zhangye Rainbow Mountains where vibrant colors and stunning rock formations create a surreal landscape, explore the Giant Buddhist Temple known for a colossal sleeping Buddha statue and exquisite woodcarvings, and experience the intricate cave carvings in Mati Temple Grottoes.

Dunhuang Zhangye Tours

These Dunhuang Zhangye tours are for you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes of these two extraordinary destinations. Discover exquisite ancient Buddhist art and murals in the UNESCO-listed Mogao Caves, marvel at the magnificent Crescent Lake, nestled amidst towering sand dunes in the Gobi Desert, and experience the vibrant colors and unique formations of Zhangye Rainbow Mountains. Our expert guides will unveil the secrets of these historical and natural treasures, creating unforgettable memories of your Dunhuang and Zhangye adventure.

Lanzhou Zhangye Tours

Discover the enchanting landscapes and cultural treasures of Lanzhou and Zhangye with our exclusive tours. In Lanzhou, witness the merging of the Yellow River and the city’s vibrant atmosphere. In Zhangye, the breathtaking Danxia landform, which is known as the Rainbow Mountains, will leave you in awe. Explore the stunning geological formations, visit the majestic Giant Buddha Temple, and delve into the intricate grottoes of Mati Temple. With our expert guides and comfortable accommodations, our Lanzhou Zhangye tours promise an unforgettable experience filled with natural wonders and cultural marvels.

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