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Beijing, the capital of China, is a renowned ancient capital with about 3000 years history. It is not only the key city of politics, economy and culture, but also the ancient strategic center. Nowadays, Beijing is one of the most popular travel destinations which attracts hundreds of thousands visitors all over the world to come each year. In Beijing, there are two international airports and a number of direct international flights, which make Beijing become a considerable convenient entry city for foreign visitors. During your trip in Beijing, you would visit historical and splendid ancient architectures, get to know extensive and profound Chinese culture and taste exquisite and delicious food.

Geographic Position: in Northern China (115.7°— 117.4°E, 39.4°— 41.6°N)

Climate: monsoon-influenced temperate continental climate (cold and dry in winter, hot and rainy in summer)

Nearby Airports: Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) , Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX)

Nearby Railway Stations: Beijing Railway Station, Beijing East Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station. 

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Temple of Heaven

Chinese: 北京 Běijīng
Population (urban area): 21.58M (2018)
Area: 6,336 sq miles
Airport: PEK, PKX
Zip code: 100000
Time Zone: GMT+8

Beijing Must-Visit Attractions

Top Things to Do in Beijing

Here are some top things to do in Beijing for tourists, which may help tourists have a better travel experience in Beijing.

  • Travel to renowned tourist attractions, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and other must-visit attractions we highly recommended above.
  • Try to taste local snacks of Beijing, such as the Beijing Roast Duck, Fried Sauce Noddle, Sugar coated haws on a stick, Mongolian Hot Pot and so on.
  • It is a nice choice for tourists to watcha Beijing Opera performance in theatre or some tea house. Beijing Opera is regarded as the quintessence of Chinese culture. In the past time, the oversea performance of leading opera star Mei Lanfang contributed to eliminate the prejudice against Chinese opera and even Chinese people in the west at that time.
  • If you want to have an in-depth tour and full understanding of the hutong culture, you can not miss the rickshaw ride. Rickshaw is a two-wheeled passenger vehicle pulled by human labor. Visitors can take it when they tour hutongs and have a chance to enjoy the hutong life.

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The Legend of Kungfu
The Legend of Kungfu

What to Eat in Beijing

Roast duck is a famous Beijing dish with a world reputation. It originated in the southern and northern dynasties of China and was an imperial food at that time. Beijing roast duck is made of high-quality meat duck and roasted over charcoal fire with fruit wood. It has a golden look, fat but not greasy meat and tender with a crispy crust. People usually eat duck with other two types food: lotus leaf shaped pancake and hollowed sesame pancakes. People could also add some sweet bean sauce, green onion, cucumber strips and roast duck slice or garlic paste, soy sauce, cucumber strips and roast duck slice on the pancakes, then wrap the pancake and eat it.

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Noodles with Soybean Paste
Noodles with Soybean Paste
  • Shredded Pork with Sweet Bean Sauce 

Pork shreds with sweet bean sauce is a well-known dish, which is one of the classic representative dishes of Beijing cuisine. Lean meat of pork is the main ingredient, and supplements are sweet bean sauce, scallion, ginger and other condiments. It is cooked with the special cooking techniques of north China. The dish is very popular due to the moderate and unique flavor, and Chinese people usually eat it with pancake or rice.

  • Noodles with soybean paste

Noodles with soybean paste is a traditional Chinese style pasta, which is popular in Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin and other places. It is made by fried soybean sauce, noodles and different cut vegetable such as cucumber, Chinese toon, bean sprouts, green beans. People can also add condiment such as chili, vinegar to adapt to personal appetite.

Sugar Coated Haws on Stick
Sugar Coated Haws on Stick
  • Sugar-coated haws on stick

Sugar-coated haws on a stick is a traditional Chinese snack, which is made by the wild fruit with bamboo stick into a string and dipped in maltose syrup until cooled. It is the common snack of northern cities of China in winter, which tastes refreshing, sweet yet tart. It also has many the functions like whetting appetite, nourishing skin, eliminating the fatigue, clearing heat.

  • Copper pot shabushabu

Copper pot shabushabu is an authentic Beijing dish with mutton as the main ingredient. The meat must be fresh, and people boil meat while boil many kinds of vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, coriander, spinach, tofu, silk noodles at the same time.

Beijing Roast Duck
Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Travel Guide

1) How to Plan Your Beijing Tour? 

A. How many days would you like stay in Beijing?

a. One day tour

If you only have one day in Beijing, it is wise choice for you to travel to pick one or two must-visit attractions in Beijing.

b. Two-day tour

If you plan to spend two days in Beijing, you could choose 3 or 4 attractions.

  • the Great Wall
  • Tiananmen Square
  • The Forbidden City
  • Beijing Zoo
  • Taste the specialties

c. Three-day tour

If you have three days in Beijing, modern attractions are also available for you.

  • the Great Wall
  • Tiananmen Square
  • The Forbidden City
  • Beijing Zoo
  • Taste the specialties
  • 798 Art District
  • the Silk Market
  • Bird’s Nest/Water Cube
  • Panjiayuan Antique Market
  • Beihai Park/Jingshan Park
  • The Summer Palace

d. More than 3 days

If you have enough time to stay in Beijing, we offer the service to make a personal tour based on your own interest.

Beijing Zoo
Beijing Zoo

B. What is Your Interested Tour Type?

a. Family Trip

If you want to have a family trip, we highly recommended that you can go to some attractions equipped with convenient public transportation and advanced tourist facilities, which are available for all ages tourists to visit, such as the Badaling Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Beijing Zoo, Wangfujing Snack Street. Choosing to live in a five-star hotel may provide you the most comfortable accommodation environment and professional service, which is conducive for you to have a good rest.

b. Gourmet Food Trip

For tourists who pay more attention to food, you cannot miss having a hutong tour and visiting Wangfujing Snack Street, where you cannot only enjoy the profound culture and unique buildings of hutong and ancient Beijing, but also taste a variety Beijing Cuisine, and it is necessary for you to go to the most famous and authentic Beijing roast duck restaurant to eat Beijing duck.

c. Historical Trip

Beijing is an ancient capital with a history of more than 3,000 years, so there are many ancient architectures relics and world cultural heritages. For example, if you’d like to know something about the imperial palace and the imperial life of ancient China, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace must be good choices. If you are interested in ancient Chinese military defense projects, it is necessary for you to visit the Great Wall and see the magnificent scenery by yourself. You can also visit Tiananmen Square, where the founding ceremony of the People’s Republic of China was held on October 1st, 1949, and there are also many famous scenic spots and splendid Chinese architecture around Tiananmen Square, such as Tiananmen Rostrum, Monument to the People’s Heroes, Great Hall of the People, Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao and National Museum of China where you can visit and have a deeper understanding about Chinese history. What’s more, you cannot miss having a deep hutong tour with the rickshaw ride, and when you travel in a hutong,  you can not only enjoy the ancient and unique architecture and culture of old Beijing but also taste different kinds of delicious specialties of Beijing.

Gubei Water Town
Gubei Water Town

d. Adventure Trip

For a person who is adventurous and wants to go hiking, there is no denying that the Great Wall is the best tourist destination for you. The Great Wall is one of the renowned world cultural heritage, and it has different sections for tourists to choose.

Mutianyu Great Wall located in the huairou district of Beijing was built in the Ming dynasty, and nowadays it is the best-preserved and most beautiful and magnificent section of Great Wall, which enjoys a great reputation home and abroad. It is equipped with domestic first-class cable car, chairlift and toboggan to help visitors to climb the Great Wall. The shibeidi slide is a new vehicle with a combination of sport and entertainment, which is thrilling and exciting but also comfortable and safe, so visitors at any age could have a try.

And the Wild Great Wall of Simatai is located in the miyun district of Beijing. It is a more ancient and primitive section of the Great Wall, so the view here is much broader. Due to the primitive road here, some places steep and difficult to walk for tourists, and even there is a part with only one-side wall. In addition, stones here contain the iron element which will make them look red, and the steep hillsides on either side of the wall are covered with thick and low bushes and some of which even grow over the road of the Great Walls.

Jiankou Great Wall located in huairou district of Beijing, is the steepest and most dangerous section of the Great Wall. The Great Wall here is built on the precipitous peak and steep cliff with many tall trees, which is extremely majestic and majestic and magnificent. Parts of the Great Wall here are built on the peak that is more than 1,000 meters above sea level, and some are even narrow and steep or nearly vertical, so visitors need to climb on their hands and feet or use professional outdoor products. There is no denying that the risk here is the highest for tourists.

Jinshanling Great Wall, located in luanping county of Hebei province, which is regarded as “the essence of the Great Wall” due to its unique architectural style and complete preservation.   Because the stones here are yellow, which is different from the gray and black stone of other sections, so the hillside and the Great Wall are all golden with the light of sunset.

Located in Jizhou district of Tianjin province, the huangyaguan Great Wall was built in 556 AD. The entire section is built on a ridge of the mountain which is 736 meters above sea level. The architectural features of this section of the Great Wall are very distinct, for example, the wall units are made of bricks and stones and the watchtowers are square or round. What’s more, there is also the first Great Wall museum and contemporary forest of the stele of the Great Wall.

Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall is located in huairou district. The Great Wall in the water is blocked by the dam, which causes the water level to rise and submerge the Great Wall in the water at the bottom of the valley. The three sections of Huanghuacheng Great Wall into the water is the natural wonder in China, which is the only lakeside Great Wall of Beijing.

e. Photographer Trip

Beijing has not only many magnificent and majestic historical architectures, but also many beautiful and charming natural landscapes. In spring, the weather is pleasant and everywhere is full of vigor, so it is a good time for tourists to have a natural tour in Beijing; in summer, visitors can visit the Great Wall to admire the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset or go to the Summer Palace to take photos of lotus flowers, and they can also go to the Jingshan Park to take a panoramic view of the Forbidden City. In autumn, it is a good choice for tourists to go to the Olympics Forest Park or Temple of Earth to enjoy the golden ginkgo trees which look like a classical oil-painting and go to the Xiangshan Park to see the red maple leaves. During the winter, visitors can stroll in the historical and splendid Forbidden City on snowy days, and can also go to many traditional Beijing temple fairs and take photos of the unique things or activities at the fairs.

Bird's Nest
Birds Nest

C. What is Your Travel Budget?

a. If your trip is low- budget, we highly recommend that you can take part in any group tour and live Youth Hostel wherenot only can help you save money but you will also make some new friends who have the same hobbies.

b. If you want to havea better travel experience, you can choose to rent a car and driver, make a personal travel plan and live in a luxury hotel during the days you stay in Beijing, which is more comfortable and free than taking part in a group tour.

Plan Your Beijing Trip

2) Visa Policy

In order to make a full implementation of the “One Belt And One Road” and the coordinated development strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and build a more convenient entry and exit environment, the State Council approved the 144-hour visa-free transit policy to allow foreigners from 53 countries to stay in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province no more than 144 hours (six days). Visas are not required for people who come from the 53 countries and hold valid international travel documents and connecting international flight tickets with confirmed dates and seats to a third country (region) within 144 hours

Forbidden City
Forbidden City

The 53 countries are available for this policy in the following: the Republic of Austria, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Kingdom of Denmark, Republic of Estonia,the Republic of Finland, French Republic, The Federal Republic of Germany, The Hellenic Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Iceland, the Republic of Italy, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, Luxembourg, Republic of Malta, the Kingdom of Netherlands, the Republic of Poland, the Portuguese Republic, the Slovakia Republic, the Republic of Slovenia, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Sweden, Swiss Confederation, Russia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , Republic of Ireland, the Republic of Cyprus, the Republic of Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of North Macedonia, the Republic of Albania, the Principality of Monaco, Republic of Belarus, United States of America, Canada, The Federative Republic of Brazil,the United Mexican States, the Republic of Argentina, Republic of Chile, the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Japan, Republic of Singapore, Negara Brunei Darussalam, United Arab Emirates and the State of Qatar.

Notes: Qualified people can stay within 144 hours in the administrative areas of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province without Visa, and international transit passengers from all over the world can stay in the airport’s transit area for 24 hours. What is the most important thing is that the arrival fight and connected fight need to be an international flight. It is crucial for foreigners who can stay in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province within 144 hours to obey the Chinese law, and if someone exceeds the permitted stay area or time limit, he will be punished by the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese Visa
Chinese Visa

3) Transportation

As the capital of China and a world-renowned tourist destination, Beijing has a very developed and convenient public transportation system. In Beijing, there are many direct international flights to various countries, numerous bus and subway lines to all directions and a great number of cabs with good service in the city area. All of them provide a solid foundation for the development of tourism and bring more convenience travel and good travel experience for tourists around the world.

Flight to BeijingA. Flight

There are two airports in Beijing: Beijing Capital International Airport, and Beijing Daxing International Airport. As the beginning and end of a trip from Beijing, thousands of tourists come and go at the airports every day and enjoy the professional services and convenient transportation system.

Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is located in the northeast of the capital of the People’s Republic of China, 25.35 kilometers away from the Tiananmen Square. Beijing Capital International Airport is not only the air gateway of capital Beijing and the window of foreign exchanges, but also the radiation center of China civil aviation network. As the core of Europe, Asia and North America, it has unique geographical location, convenient transfer process, professional and efficient cooperation, making it become the most convenient aviation hub connecting the three major aviation markets of Asia, Europe and the United States. Beijing capital international airport has become one of the busiest airports in the world, with nearly 1,700 flights from 92 airlines to connect Beijing with 243 airports around the world every day.

  • Direct international flights:
  • Beijing Capital International Airport-some North American Countries:

North American Countries: the United States of America, Canada, the United Mexican States

  • Beijing Capital International Airport-some European Countries:Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, French Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Italy, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Sweden, Swiss Confederation, the Kingdom of Denmark, Russia, the Republic of Finland, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine
  • Beijing Capital International Airport-some Asian Countries:Japan, Republic of Korea, Republic of Singapore, Malaysia, the Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of the Philippines, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the Republic of India, the Republic of Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Turkey,
  • Beijing Capital International Airport-some African Countries:the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the Arab Republic of Egypt, People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
  • Beijing Capital International Airport-some Oceanian Countries:Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand
  • Popular travel airlines: Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Shenzhen, Beijing-Xi’an, Beijing-Chengdu, Beijing-Guilin, Beijing-Suzhou, Beijing-Zhangjiajie, Beijing-Hongkong, Beijing-Macao

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport, located between Daxing District of Beijing, China and Guangyang District of Langfang, Hebei province, is 67 km away from the Beijing Capital International Airport. It is positioned as a large-scale international aviation hub, a new power source for national development and a comprehensive transportation hub for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. By September 2019, a total of 66 airlines intend to settle in Beijing Daxing International Airport, including 20 domestic airlines and 46 airlines of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign countries. In the winter and spring season of 2019, Beijing Daxing Airport plans to open 116 airlines, including 101 domestic airlines and 15 international airlines, which covers 112 destinations worldwide including 97 domestic destinations and 15 international destinations.

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Beijing SubwayB. Subway

The public transportation system in Beijing is perfect and subway is the most convenient transportation which provide several line routes and connect famous tourist attractions.

  • Subway Line 1: Pingguoyuan(5:10-22:55)-Sihuidong(5:05-23:15)  whole stations:23

Famous stations: Tiananmen Station, Wangfujing Station

  • Subway Line 2:Jishuitan(-22:45)-Xizhimen(5:34-22:42)  whole stations:18

Famous stations: Qianmen Station, Beijing Railway Station

  • Subway Line 4: Anheqiao Bei(5:00-22:20)-Tiangongyuan(05:30-22:38)   whole stations:35

Famous stations: Xidan commercial district station, Beijing Zoo station

  • Subway Line 5: Songjiazhuang(5:19-23:10)-Tiantongyuaun Bei(5:00-22:48)  whole stations:23

Famous stations: Temple of Heaven East Gate(Tiantan Dongmen) station, Lama Temple(Yonghe Palace) station

  • Subway Line 6: Haidian wuluju(5:23-22:40)-Lucheng(5:50-22:49)  Whole stations: 26

Famous stations: Beihai Bei Station, Nanluoguxiang Station

  • Subway Line 7: Beijing West Railway Station(5:30-23:15)-Jiaohuachang(5:10-22:25)  Whole stations:21

Famous stations: Beijing West Railway Station

  • Subway Line 8: Zhuxinzhuang(5:10-22:05)-Nanluoguxiang(5:30-23:00)   Whole stations:17

Famous stations: Beijing Olympic Park Station,Olympic Sports Center Station,Gulou Street Station, Shichahai Station, Nanluoguxiang Station

  • Subway Line 9: Guogongzhuang(5:20-22:40)-National Library(5:59-23:19)

Famous stations: Beijing West Railway Station, Military Museum Station

  • Subway Line 10: Bagou(4:54-22:27)-Huoqiying(4:52-0:22)  Whole stations:45

Famous stations: Guomao Station, Panjiayuan Station

  • Subway Line 13: Xizhimen(5:35-22:42)-Dongzhimen(5:35-22:42)  Whole stations:16

Famous stations: Wudaokou Station

  • SubwayLine 14:

East Part: Beijing South Railway Station(5:30-22:40)-Shangezhuang(5:30-22:30) Whole stations:19

Famous stations: Beijing South Railway Station, Wangjing Station

West Part: Zhangguozhuang(5:30-22:10)-Xiju(5:45-22:10)   Whole stations: 7

Famous station: Beijing Garden Expo Station

  • Subway Line 15: Fengbai(5:30-22:11)-Qinghuadonglu Xikou(5:42-23:15)  Whole stations:15

Famous stations: Wangjing Station, Beijing Olympic Park Station

  • Airport Line: Dongzhimen(6:00-22:30)-T2 Terminal(6:35-23:10)

Dongzhimen-Sanyuanqiao-T3 Terminal-T2 Terminal

Beijing TaxiC. Cab

The Cab service in Beijing is professional, and the cabs are available every time and everywhere in Beijing City. If you want to take cab to travel in Beijing, it is wise for you to avoid the rush hour (7:00-9:00 in the morning and 17:00-20:00 in the evening) to save some time and fee.

The flag-down fare of cab in Beijing is CNY 13 for first 3 kilometers(2 miles), and when the mileage exceeds 3 kilometers, the fee is CNY 2.3 per kilometer(5:00-22:00) and CNY 2.76 per kilometer (23:00-5:00). If it’s necessary to drive on the highway or toll road, the toll should be paid.

Note: Sometimes the cab fares are generally rounded. For example, if it shows CNY 19.8, you need to pay CNY 20.

Beijing Taxi

4) Beijing Weather/ What to wear/ Best Time to visit

Beijing is a typical northern temperate monsoon climate, which is cold and dry in winter and hot and rainy in summer According to the average temperature in different months, here are some advice about what to wear when people travel in Beijing. We highly recommended that the best time to visit Beijing is April, May, September and October. During these months, the weather is pleasant and the scenery is charming.

Month Average Temperature What to Wear
January -9℃~2℃ thick coat, cotton-padded clothes sweater, down jacket, thick pullover hoodie and zip up hoodie, thermal cloth ,thick pants, muff
February -6℃~5℃ thick coat, cotton-padded clothes, sweater, down jacket, thick pullover hoodie and zip up hoodie, thermal cloth, thick pants, muff
March 0℃~12℃ Leather jacket, Dust coat, thick coat, cotton-padded clothes, sweater
April 8℃~20℃ Leather jacket, Dust coat, thick coat, thin sweater, knitwear, hoodie, T-shirt with long sleeves, jeans
May 14℃~26℃ T-shirt with long sleeves, skirts, topcoat, cloth in cotton or linen fabrics that are comfortable and breathable
June 19℃~30℃ T-shirt with short sleeves, skirts, thin jeans , polo shirt, cloth in cotton or linen fabrics that are comfortable and breathable, hat, sunglasses
July 24℃~33℃ T-shirt with short sleeves, skirts, short trousers, cloth in cotton or linen fabrics that are comfortable and breathable, hat, sunglasses
August 23℃~32℃ T-shirt with short sleeves, skirts, short trousers, cloth in cotton or linen fabrics that are comfortable and breathable, hat, sunglasses
September 15℃~26℃ T-shirt with long sleeves, skirts, topcoat, cloth in cotton or linen fabrics that are comfortable and breathable
October 8℃~19℃ Leather jacket, Dust coat, thick coat, thin sweater, knitwear, hoodie, T-shirt with long sleeves, jeans
November 0℃~10℃ Leather jacket, Dust coat, thick coat, cotton-padded clothes, sweater
December -6℃~3℃ thick coat, cotton-padded clothes sweater, down jacket, thick pullover hoodie and zip up hoodie, thermal cloth ,thick pants, muff

Notes: The Summer time (June, July and August) in Beijing is hot and rainy, so it is necessary for tourists to travel with an umbrella or wear a cap, sunglasses and using some sun scream to protect skin against ultraviolet ray. The winter in Beijing is dry and freezing cold, so we advice tourists not only get prepared for the cold weather, but also use some moisturizer to maintain skin moisture.

When is the best time to visit?

We highly recommended that the best time to visit Beijing is April, May, September and October. During these months, the weather is pleasant and the scenery is charming. Tips: Visitors had better avoid the official holiday in China, because many Chinese citizens choose to travel on official holidays to ease the pressure of their work. As a result, many Chinese tourist attractions are overcrowded and traffic jams are common. Therefore, visiting China at this time will bring tourists a less pleasant travel experience.

Official Holidays in China

Chinese New Year Around January or February
Winter vacation January-February
Labor Day May1st -3rd
Summer vacation(for students) July-August31st
Mid-Autumn Festival Around mid-September
National Day October 1st-7th
Beijing Weather

5) Where to Stay in Beijing

Five-star Hotel

Although the accommodation fee of each five-star hotel is higher than others, it has a convenient location and transportation, advanced facilities, great accommodation environment and professional services. So, travelers who choose to live in five-star will definitely have a better and more comfortable travel experience.

  • Hilton Beijing Wangfujing

Hilton Beijing Wangfujing is located in the famous Wangfujing street and tourists can walk to the Forbidden City, Tiananmen square and so on from the hotel. It is not far from China Beijing World Towers and Fuxing Gate (Fuxing Men) business district, which occupies an excellent position in the commercial and cultural center of the city.

The hotel offers a fully equipped fitness center, indoor swimming pool and a business center where consumers could enjoy relaxing massage and body care. The hotel has three restaurants and two bars provides fine dining and wine to guests.

Novotel Beijing Xinqiao
Novotel Beijing Xinqiao

Four – star Hotel

  • Novotel Beijing Xinqiao

Novotel Beijing Xinqiao is located in the city center, facing wangfujing pedestrian street and Oriental plaza in the north and new world shopping center in the south, which is also adjacent to Tongren hospital and Beijing railway station. The jewelry and silk markets are within walking distance and it also near to Tiananmen square and the Forbidden City. As the Chongwenmen subway station is nearby the hotel, it is convenient to access he Beijing railway Station.

  • Sunworld Hotel

Sunworld hotel, located at the intersection of Wangfujing and Dengshikou street, is a popular hotel with convenient transportation and complete service facilities. The restaurant of hotel provides a great number of Chinese and western delicacies and don’t forget to taste the traditional shabu-shabu hot pot.

King Parkview Hotel
King Parkview Hotel

Three-star Hotel

  • King Parkview Hotel

King Parkview Hotel, located in the center of Beijing, owns an independent courtyard and preserves precious building remains of the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty and the mathematics department building of Imperial University of Peking (the former name of Peking University). The hotel is surrounded by the Forbidden City, Jingshan park, Beihai park, Shichahai, Huangchenggen Relics Park, Bell Tower and Drum Tower and so on.

  • Dong Fang Hotel

Dong Fang Hotel is a theme hotel of the republic of China, which is composed of three buildings of different periods in 1918, 1953 and 1985. It is adjacent to Liulichang ancient culture street, Ji xiaolan’s former residence, Qianmen commercial street, Temple of Heaven Park, Taoranting Park and other famous cultural tourist attractions. It is about 8 minutes’ drive away to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

Shichahai Sandalwood Boutique Hotel
Shichahai Sandalwood Boutique Hotel


  • Shichahai Sandalwood Boutique Hotel

Shichahai Sandalwood Boutique Hotel is located in Houhai scenic area, which is one of the few traditional courtyard houses in Shichahai area. The hotel has 10 guest rooms, which are furnished with precious rosewood furniture. The famous Houhai area, Beihai Bei Subway Station (Line 6) and Pinganli Subway Station (Line 4) are within 15 min walk distance. It is also convenient to reach the other famous tourist attractions such as Beihai Park, Nanluoguxiang, Houhai Bar Street, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, etc.

Hilton Beijing Wangfujing
Hilton Beijing Wangfujing

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