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Jingshan Park

Jingshan Park

Jingshan park is located in the center of the north-south central axis of Beijing with the imperial palace in the south, the Beihai in the west, and the drum tower in the north. It covers a total area of 23 hectares. It was the imperial gardens of Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

Basic Facts about the Jingshan Park

  • There are lots of rare herbs, old trees and colorful flowers in Jingshan Park, especially the various kinds of peonies. The first Beijing peony cultural festival opened in Yanqing on May 6, 2019. From May 6 to May 30, people can see 569 varieties of peony from home and abroad in Jingshan Park.
  • There are five pavilions on the hill: Zhoushang pavilion, Guanmiao pavilion, Wanchun pavilion, Jifang pavilion and Fulan pavilion.The most popular pavilion is Wanchun pavilion, which is located in the middle. It was built in 1751 (Qing dynasty) with the 4 meters high and 18 square meters in size.It is the highest and the best viewing spot on the north-south central axis of Beijing and tourists could overlook the panorama of the Forbidden City , appreciate the symmetrical layout and the magnificent building complex.
  • During the Ming and Qing dynasty, emperors worshiped our ancestors and held some memorial ceremonies here. So, there are many well-preserved historical architectures such as Shouhuang Hall, Guande Hall and so on. It is a place where Chinese people inherit and develop the Filial Piety Culture.

Why Choose to Visit the Jingshan Park:

  • Visitors here may have a chance to overlook the panorama of the Forbidden City and appreciate the symmetrical layout andthe magnificent building complex.

How to Buy Entrance Tickets:

  •  Price of Entrance Tickets:
Admission Fee CNY 2
Admission Fee (during some activities or cultural festivals) CNY 10
  • Opening time:
November 1st – March 31st Opening time: 6:30 – 20:00/ Ticketing time: 19:30
April 1st – October 31st Opening time: 6:30 – 21:00/ Ticketing time: 20:30

When is the Best Time for the Jingshan Park Tour?

The Jingshan Park is a popular tourist attraction with different charming scenery all year round.

Tips: Visitors had better avoid the official holidays in China, because many Chinese citizens choose to travel on official holidays. As a result, most Chinese tourist attractions are overcrowded and traffic jams are quite common.

Official Holidays in China

Chinese New Year Around January or February
Winter vacation January-February
Labor Day May1st -3rd
Summer vacation(for students) July-August31st
Mid-Autumn Festival Around mid-September
National Day October 1st-7th

How to get to the Jingshan Park?

  1. Bus
  2. If visitors choose to enter throughthe east gate, they can get off the bus at Jingshan East Gate Station. There are two bus for tourists to choose, one is bus No.111 and the other is bus124.
  3. If visitors choose to enter throughthe west gate, they can get off the bus at Xiban Qiao Station. There are two bus for tourists to choose, one is bus No.5 and the other is bus609.
  4. If visitors choose to enter throughthe south gate, they can get off the bus at the Forbidden City Station. There are many buses for tourists to choose, such as bus No.101, No.103, No.109, No.124, No.202, No.211, No.609 and No.685.

How to Tour the Jingshan Park ?

There are three tour routes of the Jingshan Park according to entering from different gate.

  1. Enter from the South Gate→ along the east side of QiwangTower to go up the hill→ Wanchun Pavilion→ Go down the hill along the Houshan Road down hill — North square — Exit from the West Gate
  2. Enter from the West Gate→ Go up the hill along the west side→ Fulan Pavilion→ Jifang Pavilion→ Wanchun Pavilion→ Guanmiao Pavilion→ Zhoushang Pavilion→ Spot where Chongzhen, the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, hanged himself→  Exit from the East Gate
  3. Enter from the East Gate→ Shouhuang Pavilion→ North Square→ Main road of Houshan→ West Gate→ Main road of West side→ QiwangTower→ Enter from the East Gate

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