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Best China Silk Road Tours 2024/2025: Budget Silk Road Tours in China by Local Expert Operator

With a history of over 2000 years, the Silk Road is the most ancient trade route which had witnessed a culture and economy inter-influence among countless merchants and civilizations. It is blessed with numerous stunning relics, grottoes, dynastic passes, historic towns and ruins, desert beauties, and exotic charms.

To illuminate the authentic charm of ancient Silk Road and the highlights of western China, we elaborately designed a wide range of Silk Road tours of different types, from group tours to private and tailor-made tours, covering the important hubs along the ancient Silk RoadXianDunhuangZhangyeXinjiang (include Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan) and etc.

Why a Silk Road Tour?

  • Explore intangible historic and cultural heritage along the Silk Road;
  • Follow the footsteps of ancient merchants to experience the glorious past of China;
  • Traverse various destinations featuring different geographies, wowed by diverse natural landscapes: barren desert, soaring dunes, verdant oasis, alpine lakes, Danxian Landform & Yardang Landform;
  • Experience culture and life of vastly different ethnic groups and religions;
  • Savor diverse regional cuisines, and embark on a gourmet journey rich in various exotic flavors.

How to Plan a China Silk Road Tour?

  • We suggest planning in advance so all the travel details are sorted out well;
  • 1-2 weeks are recommended for a China Silk Road tour to cover the top attractions, depending on your interests and itinerary arrangement;
  • The best time to travel China Silk Road is from May to October;
  • The Chinese Silk Road sections include a gigantic region from westward to Gansu with Lanzhou, Xiahe, Zhangye, Wuwei, Jiayuguan and Dunhuang, and then to Xinjiang with Turpan, Urumqi, Ili, Kanas, Kashgar and more;
  • The exact itinerary depends on your interest: extend your Silk Road trip to destinations in Gansu if you are a history lover, include Xinjiang if you want to experience the rich ethnic culture, both of these two places are rich in natural landscapes.

What We Offer as A China Silk Road Tour Expert?

We are an expert tour operator with 20+ years of experience in organizing China Silk Road tours. All our guides are local experts who can promise you an in-depth experience of local culture, life, and authentic activities.

Our all-inclusive tour packages will include hotel and tickets booking, 7/24 support, expert English-speaking tour guides, land transfer, and many more services, giving you less to worry about for your Silk Road holiday.

We always try to offer the best Silk Road tour itineraries for travelers with affordable prices and reliable service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a lifetime Silk Road travel experience!

Please scroll down to select your ideal itinerary from our Silk Road tours of different sections and types:

Silk Road Tours

Silk Road Private Tours

Want a private trip to explore the ancient Silk Road your way? Then you are at the right place! We are experts in customizing Silk Road tours for travelers from around the whole world. Whether you look for an in-depth Silk Road adventure, a quick Silk Route essential trip, in luxury class or budget class, with families, friends, or traveling alone, we know the best ways to do it with the lowest price! Just let us know your basic ideas, and we will tailor a complete systemic Silk Road travel plan including transport, accommodations, itineraries, guides, attractions, and more details. 

Silk Road Small Group Tours

We provide diversified Silk Road small group tours where you will find everything you want about Silk Route, including all those glittering sites alongside, from the grandiose underground place housing Terracotta Warriors to Mogao Grottoes carving in desert, from colorful rainbow mountains to vast green grasslands, from modern metropolis to snowy mountains and plateau lakes, from profound Han culture to ethnic Urgur culture…It’s the best price/quality trade-off journey to expand your horizon and enrich your knowledge with considerable commentary from professional guides and drivers!

Silk Road Tours by Train

Boasting over 2,000 years history, the ancient Silk Road not only contributed to the civilization of trade and culture exchange, but also unveiled the breathing-taking beauty of relics and landscapes along the way. Today, the convenient trains and high-speed trains between the Silk Road cities (Xian, Lanzhou, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi, Kashgar…) make it much more easier to discover the historical and cultural heritages, as well as awe-inspiring natural wonders. The glittering Terracotta Warriors, Zhangye Rainbow Mountain and Mogao Caves are awaiting you!

Silk Road Tours with More Fun

These are the longer China holidays with ancient Silk Road and other popular destinations. To offer tourists a more in-depth and thorough China experience, these tours are designed with popular Silk Road cities and classic China tourist destinations in mind. Besides the time-honored architecture, heritages and ruins, and breathtaking natural landscapes along the Silk Road, you can also expect the imperial history in Beijing, the combination of modernization and tradition in Shanghai, the adorable pandas in Chengdu, and the towering cloud-kissing peaks in Zhangjiajie. You can either select your favorite one or tailor-make a trip according to your interests and likes.

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