Thousands years ago, the Chinese people developed a diplomatic and commercial route from the ever capital city Chang’an, winding up in the wild and wide desert & Gobi, stretching out to the mid Asia and then reaching to Rome, which connected the western and eastern civilization significantly. The route has a beautiful name—Silk Road, in response to the typical Chinese good silk circulated on the road.  Read More

Top 3 China Silk Road Tour

Silk Road Group Tours

The Silk Road Group Tours by Express Train are our special tour items for people who would like a group tour which would allow the special train scenery and meanwhile save budget. Different from the common trains, this express train, equipped with luxury facilities, is quite enjoyable and considerable for customers. Take the express train to cross over this famous Road, you would not only explore ...

Silk Road Tours

Silk Road is quite long, crosses over massive areas of China and covers many famous sites along it, so a deep and detailed exploration would take some time. These short and middle term tours, containing the essential parts of Silk Road are specialized for people who plan a Silk Road tour in two weeks. Taking one of these tours, you will explore ancient Silk Road in an interesting, efficient and jo...

Central Asia Tours

Tours lasting 13 to 17 days are specialized for the travelers who would take a full, deep and comprehensive exploration to the Silk Road. They will enable the people to leave their footprint at the most attraction sites and cities along the ancient commercial channel, interact with the local people and taste the local cultures and customs. The whole organization and operation for the long and deep...

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