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Jiangxi Tours 2024/2025: Explore Particular Ceramic Charm and UNESCO-listed Mountains

Embark on an adventure to China’s Jiangxi Province, and experience a land of beautiful mountains, millennium ceramic culture, and ancient Hui-style villages that remain intact for centuries. Jiangxi tours combines the features of landscape culture, ceramic culture, academy culture, theatre culture, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, farming culture and traditional Chinese medicine culture.

All China Jiangxi tours can be privately customized to suit your style, needs and budget.

How to Plan Jiangxi Tours?

Jiangxi’s UNESCO-listed mountains and world geoparks should be on your Jiangxi tour itinerary if you enjoy the outdoors and the mountains. Discover the wonders of the mountains and get closer to the natural at Mount Lushan, a premier nature resort; Sanqing Mountain, a Taoist sacred area; and Longhu Mountain, another well-known Taoist mountain, with its distinctive Danxia landscape.

Looking for well-preserved, quaint villages in China? Known as the most beautiful village in China, Wuyuan, including Huangling Village, Likeng Village, Jiangwan Village, Xiaoqi Village, and Moon Bay allows you to experience the unique rural life of traditional Huizhou. Take in the breathtaking views of spring rapeseed flowers, summer terraced rice paddies, autumn harvest, and winter snow.

Jingdezhen Porcelain cultural heritage tour is also one of the highlights of Jiangxi tour packages. Numerous museums and ancient kiln sites in Jingdezhen showcase the history of Chinese ceramics. In addition, Wanxian Valley, one of Jiangxi’s most well-known new photography locations, is a wonderland with its craggy gorges, enigmatic rivers, spectacular waterfalls, cliffside accommodations, and stunning night views.

Best Jiangxi Tours

The list for tailored tours in Jiangxi below can help to create a wonderful Jiangxi trip for any demands. From Wuyuan autumn harvest tour and Jingdezhen Porcelain culture experience, to Mount Lu hiking adventure and Wanxian Valley discovery, all highlights of Jiangxi have been meticulously arranged in our tours.

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