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Best Suzhou Tours 2024/2025 – China Suzhou Tours to Explore Suzhou Gardens and Water Villages

If Jiangnan (the southern region of the Yangtze River) has to be accurate to an exact place, Suzhou might be the best one with a single eave or an engraved wooden window there recounting the elegance, soft and delicacy of the land flowed by the River. The blessed place nourished the locals with its rich land and earned adoration from Chinese literati in the lengthy past who had infused spirit to the pavilions, stone bridges, and snake-like rivers by pens, hence today’s well-known Suzhou gardens and Suzhou water towns. From Humble Administrative Garden, Lingering Garden, and Net Master Garden to Zhouzhuang Water Town and Tongli Water Town, from women in Chinese silk cheongsam at the corner of the stone-paved street to the boatman tightening his biceps to turn his boat round on the Grand Canal, each scene over there recorded by your iPhone would receive loads of like on Facebook or Twitter.

How Do I Plan My Suzhou Tour?

Suzhou occupies a very good location in Jiangsu Province, near Shanghai (accessible with 2-hour driving or half-hour high-speed train), Hangzhou (2.5-hour driving or 1.5-hour high-speed train), Huangshan (3.5-hour high-speed train) and Nanjing (3-hour driving or 1.5-hour high-speed train), which decides the popularity of Shanghai side trip to Suzhou, Hangzhou Suzhou tours and Huangshan Suzhou tours.

Usually, one day Suzhou Garden and Zhouzhuang Water Town tour (departing from Shanghai or Hangzhou) is suggested for those who have limited time to quickly catch a glimpse of Suzhou’s essence; 2-3 days Suzhou tour is proper to discover the beautiful gardens, water villages, and local food in a comfortable pace.

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