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Chongqing Tours 2024/2025: Private City Tours & Yangtze Cruise Tours

Chongqing City is China’s new urban star where cultural traditions and modern outlook collide. Chongqing’s diverse and distinctive attributes are demonstrated by its various nicknames, including “the City of Mountain”, “the City of Fog”, “the City of Bridge”, “the City of hot springs”, and “the City of Hot Pot”. Chongqing is also known as “the City of Rivers”, as the Yangtze River and Jialing River meet here. Those in the know usually plan their Chongqing tours with Yangtze Cruise, to admire the natural beauty and authentic ancient treasures of China.

There is also much to see in/around the city. Our tours in Chongqing take you to the highlight attractions like Hongya Cave, Ciqikou Old Town, Three Gorges Museum, Liziba Station, Jiefangbei Square, E’ling Park, and unveil the unique charm of the UNESCO-listed Dazu Rock Carvings and Wulong Karst Landscape.

From Chongqing, apart from the Yangtze Cruise tours, you can also make trips to Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie, Tibet, and many other popular destinations. With first-hand, local expertise, we will create your own tailor made journey to Chongqing. Explore this fascinating city and the Yangtze for unforgettable yet affordable experiences.

Best Chongqing Tours

The most popular private Chongqing city tours with/without Yangtze Cruise are favorite choices for those who wish to check out the must-see attractions in Chongqing and Yangtze. From the stunning natural bridges of Wulong Karst Geological Park and the man-made contribution of Three Gorges, to the brilliant Dazu Rock Carvings and Hongya Cave for Chongqing night view, you’ll soak up Chongqing’s distinctive tradition, and breathtaking landscapes.

China Yangtze Cruise Tours with Chongqing

Traversing through the top destinations of China from Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Yangtze River, Zhangjiajie, to Tibet, our Yangtze Cruise tours offers a rich experience of diverse cultures and history, unique natural gems, delicious food, and real life experiences. Make the most out of your time with superb local guides and drivers.

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