Find Beijing and Xian tours from Beijing by flight or train in a whole package to visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, City Wall Shaanxi Museum and more with your private tour guide at the best local price… Find various Beijing Xian tour itineraries, check reviews and compare with different tour operators, Take our tours that starts from Beijing and then finishes in Xian, China, you will finally get an unforgettable experience in life!  Read More

Top 3 Beijing Xian Tour

1 Day Beijing-Xian Tour

Taking our 1 Day Tour from Beijing to Xian, you will visit the essential attractions of Xian in the limited time with the best price as well as professional service. There are optional flights, trains and high speed trains in these one day tours with different cost and timings for your reference. Except for the covered attractions, such as Terracotta Warriors, City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, ...

2 Days Beijing-Xian Tour

2 Days Beijing-Xian Tours provide you a deeper exploration to the top attractions of Xian in an unhurried comparatively pace. You will have more time to see, to know and to learn about the history, civilization and culture of this ancient city. All the tours are private and specialized for you and you will decide the pace and way to explore Xian in 2 days with our local expert guiding team.

3 Days Beijing-Xian Tour

3 Days Beijing-Xian Tours will pose you not only the historical attractions in Xian downtown but also some natural views near Xian, such as Mountain Huashan! What you need is just to enjoy your exploring tour in Xian, and we will arrange all details in the tour we promised in the suggested itinerary. Any other ideas about the tour are also welcomed as we, meanwhile, supply the tailor made service.

4 Days Beijing-Xian Tour

Normally, based on our rich experience to operate tours for the travelers from home and abroad, 4 days is the most proper schedule to explore Xian totally. In these 4 days, you will visit the world well-known Terracotta Warriors, Bell & Drum Towers and City Wall and some attractions bearing huge tour value but not as famous as the above attractions, such as Famen Temple, Hanyang Mausoleum a...

5 Days Beijing and Xian Tour

Give us 5 days, we promise you a wonderful tour covering the two top famous historical cities: Beijing and Xian. You can cover the round way flights yourself and also choose to the round way trains charged by us. Anyway, the efficient transportation between Beijing and Xian combined with our professional and considerate service will definitely impress you a lot in the two beautiful cities. In a...

Beijing & Xian Tour

Take the 6 days’ dreamy tours between Beijing and Xian, you will see Chinese things, know Chinese history, and taste Chinese appeal with the best service from our agency. You may take flight from Beijing to Xian to have more time to leave your exploring paces in the ancient Capital City Xian and the present Capital City Beijing, you may also choose train to have a closer interaction with Chines...

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