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Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with our best China Group Tours, where every moment is a discovery and every destination tells a story. Join a community of like-minded travelers as we explore the wonders of Xian, traverse the historic Silk Road, marvel at the ethereal landscapes of Zhangjiajie, and immerse ourselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Yunnan and Xinjiang.

Create lasting memories with new friends against the backdrop of China’s diverse landscapes and centuries-old heritage. Each of our Chinese group travel packages is carefully designed to provide you with iconic attractions and authentic local experiences. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary journey – reserve your spot now and let the magic of China unfold in the company of fellow explorers.

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Chinaxiantour's customers in picturesque Yunnan

China Small Group Tours at the Cheapest Prices

Here are the most popular China Small Group Tours, weaving through the historic treasures of Xian, traversing the ancient Silk Road, exploring the otherworldly landscapes of Zhangjiajie, and immersing in the diverse cultures of Yunnan and Xinjiang. Uncover the extraordinary with a close-knit group, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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