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China Public Holidays 2024 (with Useful Traveling Tips)

The rich history and culture of China is well demonstrated in its many holidays and festivals. This article will take you through all 7 public holidays in China for year 2024, as well as major festivals and celebrations that are an integral part of Chinese culture.

China Calendar 2024
China Calendar 2024

A Calendar of All China Public Holidays 2024

Here is a list of all the public holidays in China for 2024:

Public Holidays Holiday Date Holiday Days Holiday Duration
New Year’s Day Jan. 1 Dec. 30 – Jan. 1 3 days
Spring Festival Feb. 10 Feb. 10 – 17 8 days
Qingming Festival Apr. 4 Apr. 4 – 6 3 days
Labor Day May 1 May 1 – 5 5 days
Dragon Boat Festival Jun. 10 Jun. 8 – 10 3 days
Mid-Autumn Festival Sep. 17 Sep. 15 – Oct. 17 3 days
National Day Oct. 1 Oct. 1 – 7 7 days

Chinese Public Holidays

1. New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day is always the first China public holiday of the Gregorian calendar year. It’s celebrated on Jan. 1, marking the beginning of a new year. It is a time for gatherings among family and friends with fireworks. People celebrate by having family dinner with local cuisines. In the north where it’s colder, there are activities like ice-skating and snowboarding.

2. Spring Festival

The Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is the most important China public holiday. It is celebrated on the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, which usually falls between Jan. 21 and Feb. 20. Traditionally, the Spring Festival is a 15-day long celebration till the Lantern Festival, the full moon of the first lunar month.

The Spring Festival is a time for family reunions, exchanging gifts, and dinners with traditional Chinese food. Each day of the celebration has different folk customs including cleaning the house, shopping, and putting up decorations. Because people travel a lot to visit their families, transportation can be hectic during the public holiday.

3. Qingming Festival

The Qingming Festival, or Tomb Sweeping Day, usually falls on Apr. 4 or 5. It is a China public holiday when families pay respects to the deceased loved ones, visit the cemeteries to clean and decorate their graves. Afterwards, families gather together in memory of the deceased for a meal.

It is also a time when people enjoy traditional outdoor activities usually associated with spring including flying kites and planting trees.

4. Labor Day (May Day)

Labor Day is a China public holiday that recognizes the hard work of the country’s workforce and their contribution to society. It is celebrated every year on May 1, is a time for workers to take a break from their daily routines for some leisure time with friends and family. People like to travel during this 5-day holiday, because it tends to be nice, spring weather around the country.

5. Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a China public holiday full of enthusiasm. Behind the exciting celebration is China’s rich history and culture. It falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, which is usually in June. The Dragon Boat Festival is a great opportunity for insights into Chinese culture and traditions.

The tradition of Dragon Boat Festival first started when people commemorated the influential Chinese poet, Qu Yuan. He drowned himself in the Miluo River over 2,000 years ago as a protest against corrupt rulers.

People paid tribute to him by racing dragon boats, eating zongzi (a sticky rice dish), and drinking Huangjiu (a traditional Chinese alcoholic drink). These traditions have since become festival customs. Other customs include hanging calamus and wormwood on doors and wearing perfume pouches.

6. Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, or Moon Festival, is another one of the China public holidays. On the 15th day of the eighth lunar month (usually during mid-September, early October), people get together with their loved ones to celebrate the harvest season and the full moon.

Common traditions are eating mooncakes (a traditional Chinese pastry), making, lighting lanterns, and moon gazing.

7. National Day

The big China public holiday in October is National Day on Oct. 1 every year. The holiday celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. It is a time for patriotism and national pride. There are decorations everywhere, parades, fireworks, and cultural performances.

The long holiday also encourages people to go travel and sightseeing for autumn views, so traffic will inevitably be busy.

Traveling During Chinese Golden Week Holidays

The Chinese Golden Week holidays are the Spring Festival and National Day holidays. During these periods, lots of Chinese people take the opportunity to travel both domestically and abroad.

This leads to an increase in demand for flights and hotels. Travel expenses tend to be higher and there are usually longer lines at attractions. It is very important to plan your trip to China ahead of time to avoid any inconvenience.

Plan Ahead for Holidays!

It is not uncommon for hotels, flights, and tourist attractions to be fully booked during these periods! If you decide to travel to China during these holidays, it is highly recommended to book your travel and accommodation well ahead in order to avoid inconvenience.

If you prefer a quieter and less crowded travel experience, it is a good idea to plan your China tours for some other time and avoid these Chinese public holidays.

FAQs about China Public Holidays

1. Are all Chinese public holidays observed nationwide?

Yes, all Chinese public holidays are observed nationwide.

2. Are businesses closed during public holidays?

Government offices and banks are closed for China public holidays. During the Chinese New Year, most services such as hospitals, restaurants, tourist attractions, and malls remain open.

3. What are the pros and cons of traveling to China during public holidays?

Pros: You get to experience the festivities firsthand. China public holidays are the best time to observe traditional Chinese culture and lifestyle. Taste the holiday-special foods and bring home souvenirs you might not find otherwise. The celebratory atmosphere will make your trip to China a fun experience.

Cons: Travel expenses are much higher during China public holidays. Flights, trains, hotels, and attractions might be fully booked. There will be longer lines at restaurants and attractions. Traffic will be incredibly busy. During some holidays, some services might be closed.

Other Important Chinese Festivals in 2024

Apart from China public holidays, many other traditional festivals are worth experiencing. Here are some of the most important ones in 2024:

Festival Name Festival Date Brief Introduction
Lantern Festival Feb. 24 Celebrates the first full moon of the lunar year.
Water Splashing Festival Apr. 13 – 15 Celebrated by the Dai minority group in Yunnan Province.
Qixi Festival Aug. 10 Also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, a day for lovers to express their love.

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