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10 Great Places to See Snowy Scenes in Beijing

Winter transforms Beijing into a breathtaking wonderland, where historic landmarks and natural landscapes get adorned with a snowy charm. Let’s embark on an unforgettable journey to explore the top 10 places where you can witness the magic of snowy scenes in the heart of China.

Beijing’s snowy landscapes offer a unique and mesmerizing experience. Whether you love historical sites, serene parks, or thrilling ski adventures, Beijing has something to offer to every winter enthusiast.


1. The Forbidden City: A Snowy Imperial Majesty

Unveiling Snowy Serenity Amidst Ancient Royalty

Step back in time and witness the grandeur of The Forbidden City embellished with a pristine layer of snow. The ancient palace complex exudes an unparalleled charm during winter, offering a serene escape from the bustling city.

Embracing Tranquility in the Historic Halls

Stroll through the snow-dusted halls and courtyards, imagining life as it was for emperors in ancient China. The Forbidden City’s snowy scenes evoke a sense of tranquility and wonder, making it a photographer’s delight.

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Forbidden City Snow Scenery
The Forbidden City in the Snow

2. Jingshan Park: A Panoramic View of Snow-Kissed Beijing

Ascending to Snowy Peaks for a Mesmerizing Sight

Climb the scenic Jingshan Hill to witness an awe-inspiring panorama of Beijing’s snowy cityscape. The panoramic views from the top are postcard-perfect, capturing iconic landmarks blanketed in snow.

Experiencing a Winter Wonderland from Atop the Hill

Jingshan Park’s peaceful ambiance and snowy landscapes create an ideal setting for a leisurely winter stroll. Be sure to bring your camera to capture stunning shots of the city and its snow-capped beauty.

Beijing Snowy scenery from Jingshan Hill
Snowy scenery from Jingshan Hill

3. The Summer Palace: Snowy Grace by the Frozen Lake

A Winter Stroll Through Imperial Gardens

The Summer Palace transforms into a serene winter retreat during snowy days. Enjoy a tranquil walk through the imperial gardens, surrounded by snow-laden trees and frozen lakes.

Capturing the Snowy Reflections in Kunming Lake

The picturesque Kunming Lake reflects the beauty of the Winter Palace, offering a mesmerizing sight of snow-covered pavilions and bridges, creating a picture-perfect winter scene.


4. Longqing Gorge: Ice and Snow Sculptures Galore

Admiring the Masterpieces of Ice Sculpture Festival

Venture to Longqing Gorge to witness the breathtaking Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Marvel at intricately carved ice sculptures illuminated in vibrant colors, making the gorge a winter wonderland.

Taking an Icy Boat Ride Along the Frozen River

Hop on an icy boat and cruise through the frozen river flanked by icy cliffs. The magical atmosphere of Longqing Gorge will leave you with memories to cherish forever.

Beijing Longqing Gorge
Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

5. Snow World Ski Resort: Thrills and Chills on the Slopes

Hitting the Powdered Slopes for Winter Adventures

For adventure seekers, Snow World Ski Resort offers an adrenaline-pumping experience with its well-groomed slopes perfect for skiing and snowboarding.

Learning to Ski in the Lap of Snowy Mountains

Never skied before? Fear not! Snow World Ski Resort provides lessons for beginners, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable experience on the snow-covered mountains.

Beijing Snow World Ski Resort
Beijing Snow World Ski Resort

6. Tao Yuan Xian Valley: A Snowy Hike in Nature’s Embrace

Exploring the Enchanting Valley Amidst Snowfall

Trek through the idyllic Tao Yuan Xian Valley, surrounded by snow-laden forests and charming wooden cottages, creating a fairytale-like setting.

Embracing Solitude and Serenity in Tao Yuan Xian

Find peace in the tranquility of Tao Yuan Xian Valley, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The snowy landscapes add to the valley’s allure, making it a paradise for nature lovers.

Beijing Tao Yuan Xian Valley
Icefall in Tao Yuan Xian Valley

7. The Southeast Corner Watchtower: Snowy Remnants of History

Discovering the Ancient Watchtower Amidst Snow

Explore the ancient Great Wall at The Southeast Corner Watchtower, where history and snowy landscapes intertwine, offering a unique perspective of the iconic landmark.

Immersing in Tales of the Past on Snowy Ramparts

Walk along the snow-kissed ramparts, and feel the presence of history while taking in the panoramic views of the surrounding winter scenery.


8. Houhai: Frozen Lakeside Charm

Ice Skating and Winter Activities by Houhai Lake

Houhai Lake transforms into a frozen playground during winter, offering ice skating and other exciting winter activities for locals and tourists alike.

Snowy Hutong Strolls and Cozy Cafes

Take a stroll through the snow-covered hutongs surrounding Houhai and warm up with a cup of hot tea at one of the charming lakeside cafes.

Beijing Houhai Lake in Winter
Houlai Lake A Frozen Playground during Winter

9. Nanshan Ski Resort: A Snowy Paradise for Skiers

Shredding Powder on the Slopes of Nanshan

Experience the thrill of skiing on the well-maintained slopes of Nanshan Ski Resort, offering a delightful escape for winter sports enthusiasts.

Relaxing and Après-ski Delights in Snowy Resort

After an exciting day on the slopes, unwind at the resort’s cozy lodges and savor delicious meals while enjoying the snowy scenery.

Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort
Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort

10. Badaling Ski Resort: Snowy Thrills Near the Great Wall

Skiing Adventures with a View of the Great Wall

Combine the joys of skiing with the marvels of the Great Wall at Badaling Ski Resort, providing a unique winter experience for visitors.

Exploring the Magnificent Winter Landscape

Apart from skiing, explore the surrounding mountains, where you’ll be greeted with awe-inspiring winter vistas.

Beijing Badaling Ski Resort
Badaling Ski Resort

As the winter season graces Beijing with its snowy charm, these 10 great places promise unforgettable experiences, allowing you to cherish the beauty of the city’s snowy scenes.

So, put on your warmest attire and embark on an enchanting journey to witness the magical snowy landscapes that Beijing has to offer! Let the snowy wonderland captivate your senses and create lasting memories of a winter adventure in the heart of China.

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