Top Bronze Chriot and Horses Replicas – For Sale, Bring it Home

Bronze Chariots were unearthed in December of 1980 in the west of the tomb mound. Buried under the ground for more than 2000 years, the Bronze Chariots were broken into over 3000 pieces when discovered. After eight-year careful restoration of archaeologists, the complete chariots had debuted in 1989. They were mainly made up of bronze, decorated with golden and silver accessories. As the largest-sized, most complex in structure and completest preserved ancient Bronze Chariots of China, it is praised as the “top Bronze Chariots works” of ancient Chinese bronze chariots.

We provide the replicas of the Bronze Chriot and Horses with customzied size, varying from life size (full size) to 3/4, 1/2, 1/3. Please check more details below for reference and always feel to inquiry at

Size Dimensions Packed Dimensions Net Wight CIF Price (USD)
Live (Full) Size 137x78x55 inch
(350x200x140 cm)
125x60x43 inch
(320x155x110 cm)
1100lbs (500kg) N/A
1/2 Size 78x55x31 inch
(200x140x80 cm)
66x35x24 inch
(170x89x60 cm)
660lbs (300kg) N/A
1/4 Size 38x24x20 inch
(98x60x50 cm)
43x28x24 inch
(110x73x60 cm)
220lbs (100kg) N/A
1/10 Size 16x11x9 inch
(42x27x24 cm)
21x14x14 inch
(55x35x35 cm)
6lbs (8kg) N/A
1/16 Size 11x6x6 inch
(28x16x16 cm)
14x10x10 inch
(35x25x25 cm)
8lbs (3.5kg) N/A

Warm Notice: Each replica is customized by hands, so please be aware the date here is for reference and expect there might be subtle discrepancy on the real size/weight.