Cavalry Warrior Replicas for Sale – A Special Kind of Terracotta Warriors

Horse-rider, also cavalryman, another special kind of warriors excavated in Pit 2. Horse-riders’ wearings are obviously different with others. The tight round hat is to prevent hair from the strong wind while riding horse. Battle robes and armors are shorter than other warriors’ because it is convenient for riding and shooting. And also they wear boots. Wearings of cavalryman are designed tight and short so that they can ride and shoot easily while in the battle.

We provide the replicas of the Cavalry Warrior with customzied size, varying from life size (full size) to 3/4, 1/2, 1/3. Please check more details below for reference and always feel free to inquiry at

Size Dimensions Packed Dimensions Net Weight CIF Price
Life size 76x27x26 inch
(195x68x67 cm)
72x31x28 inch
(184x80x72 cm)
506lbs (230kg) USD550/pic
3/4 size 55x18x18 inch
(142x46x45 cm)
54x24x24 inch
(138x62x61 cm)
148lbs (67kg) USD410/pic
1/2 size 40x15x10 inch
(103x38x25 cm)
42x21x20 inch
(108x53x52 cm)
88lbs (40kg) USD320/pic
USD260/pic (MOQ:2pcs)
1/3 size 28x11x9 inch
(72x27x23 cm)
28x14x13 inch
(72x35x33 cm)
38lbs (17kg) Inquiry Now
1/4 size 22x8x6 inch
(56x20x16 cm)
22x14x15 inch
(55x35x27 cm)
30lbs (13.5kg) Inquiry Now

Warm Notice: Each replica is customized by hands, so please be aware the date here is for reference and expect there might be subtle discrepancy on the real size/weight.