Replicas of the Kneeling Archer for Sale – Can Customize Sizes

Discovered in Pit 2, the Kneeling Archer is in a position with his right knee on the ground and both hands seems to hold a crossbow, ready to shot. Different with the Standing Archer, the Kneeling Archer’s hair bun is on the left side. Kneeling Archers and Standing Archers together make up the archery formation of the army. In the center of archery formation, Kneeling Archers are surrounded by Standing Archers.

We provide the replicas of the Kneeling Archer with customzied size, varying from life size (full size) to 3/4, 1/2, 1/3. Please check more details below for reference and always feel free to inquiry at

SizeDimensionsPacked Dimensions Net Weight CIF Price
Life size47x24x25 inch
(120x60x65 cm)
37x24x27 inch
(95x60x70 cm)
264lbs (120kg)USD550/pic
3/4 size36x17x19 inch
(92x44x48 cm)
28x20x21 inch
(72x50x54 cm)
121lbs (55kg)USD410/pic
1/2 size29x13x12 inch
(75x33x30 cm)
24x15x14 inch
(60x38x35 cm)
66lbs (30kg)USD320/pic
USD260/pic MOQ:2pcs
1/3 size16x5x8 inch
(42x13x20 cm)
14x8x7 inch
(36x19x18 cm)
6.6lbs (3kg)Inquiry Now
1/4 size11x4x5 inch
(29x11x13 cm)
13x6x5 inch
(33x15x12.5 cm)
5.5lbs (2.5kg)Inquiry Now

Warm Notice: Each replica is customized by hands, so please be aware the date here is for reference and expect there might be subtle discrepancy on the real size/weight.