Sword General

Generals, also called high-ranking officer, are the rarest among all terracotta warriors. Only 9 Generals have been excavated up to now. There are two kinds of Generals, One in battle robes and the other in armors. Generals in battle robes have feather knots on their chest while Generals in armors have feather knots on chest, back and shoulders. Their distinctive wearings indicate that they are commanders of the army. This one is the famous Sword General in a position with his hands crossed at the waist in front of his stomach. This position indicates that he was standing there with sword between his hands and the ground, presenting the majesty of a superior general.

We provide the replicas of the Sword General with customzied size, varying from life size (full size) to 3/4, 1/2, 1/3. Please check more details below for reference and always feel free to ask any question at [email protected]

SizeDimensions (cm)Packed Dimensions (cm)Net Wight (kg)CIF Price (USD)
Life size195*68*67184*80*72230
3/4 size142*46*45138*62*6167
1/2 size103*38*25108*53*5240
1/3 size72*27*2372*35*3317
1/4 size56*20*1655*35*2713.5

Warm Notice: Each replica is customized by hands, so please be aware the date here is for reference and expect there might be subtle discrepancy on the real size/weight.