Direct Flight Beijing-Honolulu to Be Open in April Next Year

Chairman and the CEO of Hawaiian Airlines Inc Mark Dunkerley detailed the issue about the direct flight from Beijing to Honolulu which will be opened in April of next year on November 4th.

In recent years, with the increasing of outbound travelers, Chinese visitors in Hawaii reached to an unprecedented scale. In the last year of 2012, the number of Chinese travelers in Hawaii is nearly 80,000. Hawaii becomes one of the hottest destinations for Chinese visitors. For the convenience of Chinese travelers to experience the local culture, Hawaiian Airlines Inc decided to open the direct flight from Beijing to Honolulu in next April for the first time.

It is learned that the direct flight will begin the presale at the end of the month. After opened, the flight flies three times each week. And the non-stop flight will be implemented by Airbus A330 which possesses 290 seats. It will take about 9 hours from Beijing to Honolulu and about 13 hours from Honolulu to Beijing. The flight will provide special language service and catering service for Chinese tourists to meet the various needs.