Dong People’s Hundred Families Banquet

Hundred Families Banquet, originally an old and unique custom of celebrating the Lantern Festival in ancient times, now has become a way of entertaining guests in some places in China. Today, this activity can be mostly seen in China’s southeast provinces Zhejiang and Jiangxi.

The pictures shows the one hundred families banquet in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Guangxi province, where the minority Dong people live. Word has it that it is the most spectacular large-scale Square “100 feast” (Banquet 100) activities at the history of the Dong areas.

This activity has been lasting in Sanjiang County for several centuries in its history. The banquet is prepared by one hundred Dong’s families, each family cook some dishes and then, bring their dishes together put them on tables which are arranged in the outdoor square to entertain the local people and guests.

In fact, the actual participants are more than 100 hundred households. The Hundred Families Banquet shows the Dong people’s respect and hospitality for the guests. They use this special activity to express the most courteous reception.

In 2008, the Dong people’s one hundred families banquet was listed in the conservation projects of non-material cultural heritage at the level of autonomous region. As time goes by, the banquet has become a requisite activity when it is grand festival or having important visitors coming from far.