Enjoy a Cool Summer at the Hanging Garden – Changbai Mountain

High rising on the Chinese-North Korea border, Changbai Mountain is a volcanic massif that is snow-covered all year round. Boasting a wealth of landscapes formed by volcanic eruptions hundreds of millions of years ago, cool weather, and a large amount of precious flora and fauna, it draws more and more visitors who are seeking a unique lifetime experience. If you want to get rid of sultriness and swelter, witness the crater lake, experience the bubbling hot springs, or enjoy leisure hiking among verdant primitive forests, Changbai Mountain should be your ideal choice.

Heavenly Lake in Mount Changbai

The Topography of Changbai Mountain

The topography of Changbai Mountain is characterized by basalt platform, basalt slope highlands and cone-like volcanoes. Nestled in the surrounding sixteen mountains is the Heavenly Lake formed by craters in the distant past.

The highest peak is Mount Changbai which rises 2691 meters above sea level; besides the Heavenly Lake, hot springs and a waterfall can also be found at its summit. At the border of the reserve are some small volcanoes stretching from the northwest to the southeast.

The whole mountain can be divided into four slopes: North, West, South, and East. Only the West Slope and the North Slope are accessible from China. The East Slope belongs to the North Korea, and the South Slope is not open to the public now.

Changbai Mountain
Changbai Mountain

Top Things to Do at Changbai Mountain

Mount Changbai is always confident to offer visitors the coolest summer in China and a wealth of options to satisfy all tastes. Just scroll down to find the top recommended things when you are there.

1. Marvel at the Heavenly Lake

Also known as Tianchi Lake, the Heaven Lake in Changbai Mountains is the world’s highest crater lake, sitting over 2189 meters above sea level. Surrounded by 16 high-rising peaks, the Heavenly Lake in summer is just like a jade jewel set in the heaven with the decoration of white clouds and blue sky. The amazing panoramic view of this crater lake will take your breath away.

Heavenly Lake in Mount Changbai

2. Chill at the Changbai Waterfall

The Chengcha River runs gently at the north of the Heavenly Lake until it suddenly drops from a 68 meters high cliff, thus forms the famous Changbai Waterfall. Boasting the highest volcanic waterfall in the world, the Changbai Waterfall looks like a white ribbon floating in the air when see afar. As you get close, the loud roaring will dominate the whole place, and the cool sprays of the water will chill you.

Changbai Waterfall

3. Hike through the Valley Forest

The source of the Songhua River (the most important river in Northeast China), Valley Forest is 50 meters deep and 3000 meters long. It was formed by the collapse of the volcano cone. At the bottom of the valley, the huge rocks and towering trees make this area a natural oxygen bar. Fresh yourself in the super fresh air with a leisure short walk in the primitive forest.

Primitive Forest in Mount Changbai

4. Explore the Flora and Fauna

Being covered with lush primitive forests, the whole mountainsides are rich in diverse vegetation thanks to the large altitude range. Every summer, the mountains are dotted with colorful flowers from slopes to the mountaintops, gaining it the name “Hanging Garden”.

Moreover, it is also the habitat of thousands of animal species thanks to the excellent environment, such as the Chinese mergansers which are as rare as pandas. There are around 300 Chinese mergansers who were found to come a long way to settle here.

Changbai Mountain

Chinese mergansers

5. Unwind at the Hot Springs

Thanks to the Volcano, this area is no lack of hot springs. The hot springs is on most one’s top list when they are in Mount Changbai. The rocks around the hot springs are in various bright colors because of the special chemical composition inside. With the temperatures ranging from 60°C to 82°C, taking bath in the hot springs is sure an enjoyable experience and will offer you a thorough relaxation. The springs are said very effective for some ailments, such as arthritis, dermatosis, and exhaustion.

Hot Spring in Changbai Mountain

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