Guangzhou Takes the Lead in Reducing Homework

In China, students are always assigned with excessive amount of homework. I remember when I was in my primary school years, I was always tied with the homework. Once the homework is not finished, I will be punished seriously — writing the same passage for ten or even hundred times. For thousand years, China carries out the examination-oriented education system. People see score as the only criteria to judge a student, ignoring the all-round development.

Recently, The homework is reduced thanks to a new policy at a school in Guangzhou. “The school has informed all the parents that we can decide the amount of homework for our children to reduce their burden after school,” said a parent. “It is good news for students and their parents.”The new policy is aimed at reducing the huge amount of pressure placed on students from their studies, and to help develop their interests after class, said the deputy headmaster from Huayang Primary School, surnamed Chen.Huayang Primary School in Guangzhou’s Tianhe district has taken the lead in the capital city of Guangdong Province in allowing parents to decide the amount of homework, hoping to create a more relaxing environment for students.