Rape Flower in Hanyin County

During each March and April, South Shaanxi will turn to its most beautiful time – Flower blooms, trees turn to green, even the breeze becomes more gentle.

With Spring’s coming, the terrace field in Hanyin County, Southern Shaanxi will covers with gold rape flowers. In brace of the spring breeze, the small gold flowers wagging their heads. They create a picturesque scenery that is so eye catching and hear moving.

These rape flowers blooming on the Fengyan Terraced Field are especially beautiful. That Terraced Field can be dated back to the Qing Dynasty, it is the terraced field of the largest area and best preserved one in Qinling-Bashan Mountainous area.

From Qianlong Era (1970s) of the Qing Dynasty, the terraced field was explored, till today it has a history of 250+ years.

The layers of terraced field lie on mountain sides, from mountain foot to top. Looking from distance, the big ones like lakes and the small ones like crescents.

In the sunny days, climb up to the hill top to have an overlook, you will be surprised by the colorful terraced field layers. Moreover, the peasant houses dot in the sea of rape flower, that make up a pleasing idyllic scenery.

With temperature goes up, large areas of rape flowers in Hanyin County show their most beautiful side to nature and people. The gold rape flower waves in breeze, numerous bee swarms are attracted here.

If you want to see terraced field, a side trip from Xian to Hanyin is very convenient and will definitely satisfy all your expectation to a country tour.