Several Top Restaurants of Guangzhou

Here are list of the top restaurants of Guangzhou. You will not usually have the time to try them all, but any of them will prepare a meat or banquet that you will long remember. Bei Yuan. The Bei Yuan, or North Garden Restaurant, is in an old teahouse surrounded by ornamental pools connected by paths and framed by stands of tropical plants and fine gardens.

A specialty of the restaurant is the famous sharks fin Soup with Shredded Chicken. Sharks fin is a delicacy in China, and in this dish it is combined bowl of pink-colored vinegar is placed alongside your plate; you should add a little to your sharks fin to bring out the subtlety of the flavors.

Another specialty, Shao Xing Chicken, is coked whole in the Hua Diao brand of Shao Xing red wine. It is served sliced, and possesses a special fragrance and subtle sweetness. Another excellent dish is Chopped Crab Balls. The crabmeat is finely chopped and compressed, then deep fried. It is served with the small piece of claw protruding, the Bei Yuan is located at 320 Dongfeng Road.

Ban Xi. From the outside, this fine restaurant resembles a vast private residence. Inside, the dining rooms are situated in rambling teahouse spread around a small lake. One section of the restaurant, is even local on a floating houseboat. You should take the opportunity of strolling around this landscaped garden restaurant, following the zigzag paths up and down, over bridges, across ornamental lakes, alongside bamboo groves, and through stands of tropical foliage. The center piece is a three-story teahouse with upswept eaves, traditional Chinese roof, and decorated window glass in deep blues and white.

Although the restaurant caters for a vast number of guests, the atmosphere is dominated by the beauty of the surroundings. However, as you would expect from one of Guangzhou’s finest restaurants, the dishes prepared and served there match the images that greet the visitor. Nor is the comfort of gusts forgotten: there is a section which Has been modernized and includes air-conditioning, a facility visitors appreciate in the hotter, more humid months. But since this section was more recently built you will be sacrificing old-world charm for modern comfort.

A banquet at this restaurant often begins with cold hors d’oeuvres arranged, for example, in the shape of a bird or butterfly. The Scallop and Crab Soup is prepared with shredded dry scallops, a Chinese delicacy, and shredded crabmeat in a chicken stock, cooked with herbs and mixed with eggwhite.

Another specialty is Quail Eggs on a Bed of Green Vegetables. Quail eggs are a Guangzhou specialty. They are served hard-boiled after having been cooked with shrimp roe. The sauce is also derived from shrimp roe. The color smooth texture, and taste of the quad eggs Contrast with the flavor of young green vegetables.

Guangzhou. The Guangzhou restaurant is set in a rambling old teahouse with many staircases and terraces. Foreign visitors dine up- stairs, where there is a maze of landings with individual dining salons located on the various terraces. It is a noisy, animated place with the central courtyard overlooked by verandas on each floor. When you look down from your own veranda you will see room after room of diners and hear the chatter, laughter, and clink of plates rising from the floors below.