Shopping in Beijing

Friendship Store. The easiest way to shop is to visit the Friendship Store, but it does not convey a Chinese atmosphere. It is located on China’An Jie near the International Club, and stocks a substantial range of goods: food (caviar is excellent and cheap), wine, clothing, leather coats, furs, silks, jade, jewelry, expensive): and watch repair shop.

porcelain, scrolls, antiques, carpets, and giftware. There is also a tailor shop (slow); dry -cleaning service (takes a week and is The store is open every day of the year from 9A.M.( meat and vegetable section from 8:30 A.M.) to 9:30 P.M. Daily; times vary slightly from winter to summer. There is a bank attached to the store where visitors may cash travelers’s check. Department Stores. More interesting to visit but far more crowded and time-consuming are the two large department stores in Wang Fu Jing. One is known to foreigners as the Beijing Department Store, actually Beijing Bai Huo Da Lou, literally “ Beijing Hundred Products Big Store.” it has a car park area opposite each other on Wanf Fu Jing. Both are open from (A.M. To P.M.)

Handicrafts stores: the handicrafts store, situated at 200 Wang Fu Jing, is worth a visit. The store is located on the right-hand side when proceeding north along Wang Fu Jing from the Beijing Hotel. The first floor sells pottery, papercuts, calligraphy, and art supplies. The second floor sells lines, bamboo and cane articles, and art cloisonne ware. You can also can buy Chinese batik, but it is expensive compared with other Asian batik and usually not as good. You may also be asked for cotton coupons. It is probably the best place in Beijing to buy lines; and artiest will find a excellent range of good quality and inexpensive art supplies available. A good selection of linen ware and tablecloths is also available across the street at 265 Wang Fu Jing.

Another place for arts and crafts items is the Marco Polo Shop outside the west gate of the Temple of Heaven.

Fur shop: Just beyond the Handicrafts Store in Wang Fu Jing, again on the eastern (right-hand) side when proceding north, you will find the Jianhua Fur Sop. It is a tiny shop and the only sign you will see is in Chinese, so keep a look out fore a window with a few pelts in it. Advice on buying is given in a later section under “Furs”.