Heart-taking Snowcape of Mt Huashan Taken by Visitor

Though winter is the low season of Mt. Huashan visiting, during the Chinese Spring Festival the Mt receipts triple amounts of visitors than other winter days. Considering the low temperature and safety, we usually do not recommend Mt. Huashan tour in winter. But nothing can stop encouraging ones climbing this arduous and attractive mountain.

Photos we share in this blog by China Xian Tour were recently taken and offered by Mr Song who visited the Mt. Huashan after a snow. He took the West Peak cable car up to the mountain top and recorded the majestic scenery with his camera. It takes only 18 minutes if taking the West Peak cable car to mountain top and cover the West Peak, the South Peak, Middle Peak, and the East Peak. In the cable car, one could overlook some highlight mini scenic area of the mountain, such as Donggouliang, Baique Buddhist Temple, Xianyu Valley, Yuxiu Peak, Yuzhu Peak, Zhenyue Taoist Temple. After a snow, the whole mountain becomes a silver world. And at that time we can name the whole mountain with its Mid Peak’s name “Jade Lady”. Yes, she is a gentle and graceful young lady in pure-white costume. And she would be charming sweet-heart of all visitors.

In winter days Mt Huashan would become the paradise of brave ones. After snow, climbing up to the highest peak of the mountain, taking a bird-eye view of all snow-covered peaks, and feeling the clouds pass by slowly can not be more exciting. One will witness a totally gentle and elegant Mt Huashan! According to climate feature of the mountain, the mountain would probably surprise visitors at any time with snowcape till end of March.  A Mt Huashan tour in winter would definitely lit one’s sight. And visiting to the mountain in different seasons one will feel the different beauty of this sacred mountain. And a Mt Huashan tour can be definitely the highlight of one’s Xian tour.