The ancient Building Group in Wuyuan

This group of ancient buildings is located in Wuyuan County in northeastern part of Jiangxi Province in central China. The county covers an area of 2,947 square kilometers and has a population of 330,000. It has 18 townships or towns under its jurisdiction. Forests cover up to 82 percent of its total areas. The magnificent peaks, zigzagged rivers, fantastically shaped rocks, ancient trees, flying waterfalls and plank paths constitute a painting of beautiful landscape, Ancient towns and villages of the Ming and Qing buildings can be seen everywhere in the county, composed of official mansions, former residences of celebrities, ancestral halls, local residential houses, and ancient streets and lanes paved with flagstones. In some villages or towns dozens of such buildings are linked together. In addition, there are stone arch bridges, covered bridges, roadside pavilions, gate towers, shop front and theaters. The residential houses with pink walls and blue tiles stand by tile waters or at the foot of the green mountains. Such ancient buildings illustrate a combination of style architectural art. The favorable ecological environment is the gift given to Wuyuan by nature while the good cultural background is the gift given to Wuyuan by the ancestors When the rape comes into flower in March or April, it is the best season for touring Wuyuan.

Likeng Village is some 20 kilometers northeast of Wuyuan County Seat. The 260-odd-household village is a true portrayal of a waterside village with many bridges over the rivers. Ancestral Hall of the Yu Clan in Wangkou Village is 30 kilometers northeast of Wuyuan County Seat. The Ancestral Hall of the Yu Clan was built during the Qing Dynasty. The flagstone-floored Ancestral Hall of the Yu Clan was built with 70 columns and occupies an area of more than 1,000 square meters. All the beams and brackets carry relief carvings on three sides. This ancestral hall is praised as an art treasure by experts.