The Former Residence of Yang Jisheng

Yang Jisheng was a metropolitan graduate in the Ming’s Jiajing reign (1522-1566), and the vice director of Bureau of Military Personnel. At that time, Yan Song was the most notorious corrupted official of the Ming Dynasty During his 15-years-long domination, he framed many loyal officials, purged his dissidents, took bribes and perverted the law. Yang Jisheng submitted a written statement against Yan’s Song to plead for the people. Yang presented in strong terms Yan’s various crimes and evilness in the statement But the Emperor Jiajing thaw Yang into person and subjected him to severe torture. Yang was badly injured all over the body and become unconscious after the cruel bastinado punishment. He was then dragged back into his ward. When he regained conscious, he managed to treat the wounds on his own. A literature says that: “After Yang Jisheng was imprisoned, he was severely tortured. When he woke up at night, he broke a bowl and use a piece to cut off file deteriorated Hand. At the sad scene, the jailor was nearly frightened to drop the light, while Yang still looked calm.

Yang Jisheng was executed in the western fair (today’s Xisnl) on the lunar day of October 30 in 1555 after three years” imprisonment On that day, local people besieged the execution ground to see the last look of the hero. A poetic sentence has it that: “The wind shakes the shackles and the whole city is full of scent; people flooded to the place to see the deputy director. ‘ The streets were filled later lamenting cries Item the ordinary people. Before the execution, Yang Jisheng calmly composed a poem: “Return the noble spirits to the universe and let the royal heart highlights the history; for the unrealized aspirations, there is another generation to carry on the course.’ Yang’s wife submitted a request to the emperor that she would die for him, but Yan Song tucked away her written statement. And she hanged herself to death on the very day of her husband’s death. Seven years later, Yan Song was dismissed from office. Eleven years later, Yang’s wronged case was redressed.