The Great Beauty of Saihanba Prairie

Affiliated to Forestry Bureau of Hebei Province, the Saihanba Prairie National Forest Park is located in the paddock of Chengde city which is the northernmost city of Hebei Province. Lying in the junction of the Mongolian Plateau, Yinshan Mountain ranges and Daxinganling boundaries, and to the north with inner Mongolian, and about 283.4 kilometers away south to Beijing, the park is a typical ecotone of plateau, hills, forest , Mandian district and grassland. So far, it is the largest wood plantations in China.

In 1993, Saihanba was approved as a national forest park. Eco environment was then attache great attention by citizens and Ecoturism began to rising and developing rapidly. There are more and more visitors coming to Saihanba Park. For the time being, Saihanba Park has been the most beautiful and most distinctive ecoturism attraction in North China. According to the statistics, the visitors come to Saihanba Park in summer and autumn every year has soared from less than 50,000 in 1998 to near 400,000 this year. There are foreign visitors from 9 countries and regions in the world, and Chinese people from more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China.

Why Saihanba could be so hot in just a few years? The answer is that the sceneries there is too gorgeous to be described in word.

Beauty in its history and culture

300 hundred years ago, Saihanba and its surroundings were once full of abundant water, dense forest and various animals. In 1681, Kangxi (the forth emperor in Qing Dynasty) set up a “Mulan Paddock” here. And Saihanba is an important part of the paddock. According to the historical material, during the 139 years from 20th year of Kangxi reign to 25th year of Jiaqing reign, Kangxi, Qianlong and Jiaqing emperor has done hunting for 105 times. The frequent Qing royal activities has left a rich royal culture and historical relics. At the same time, because of it is the mixed area of Man and Mongolian people, the culture and ethnic customs have been largely developed.

Beauty in its ecological environment

In the north of Saihanba Forest Park there lies the third largest sand of Inner Mongolia, which is one of the sources of sand storm in north China. Now with the Saihanba forests increasing, it becomes the first line of defense for preventing the sand storm. The good ecological environment and vegetation conserves abundant water and breeds a lot of rivers, lakes, marshes and wetlands like Seven Star Lake, Taifeng Lake, Moon Lake and Sun Lake, which makes it an important ecological barrier of north China, particularly the district surrounding Beijing and Tianjin.

Beauty in its scenery and climate

Due to its unique location, Saihanba National Forest Park not only has hills, plateaus and grasslands, but also is the home of various animals and plants. And together with the rivers and lakes, it is hailed as “ the source of rivers, the birthplace of clouds, the world of flowers and forests”.

You can appreciate the green waves on the forest and ride horses on the vast grassland, just letting all the daily hassles away. You also can sails a boat on the lakes and just sing like nobody watching you. In addition, you can visit the history relics and enjoy the bonfire roast mutton, appreciating the royal culture and ethnic customs of Man and Mongolian people.