The Salt Lake in Northern Shaanxi Province

Lots of people are dreaming of a tour to Chaka Salt Lake nearby Xining. The dreamlike scenery of the salt lake is honored as Mirror of Heaven. Just a few people know that in northern Shaanxi there is also a salt lake of amazing beautiful scenery that is no less attractive than Chaka Salt Lake. It is Dingbian Salt Lake, one of the oldest salt lakes in China.


Dingbian Salt Lake Eco-tourist Area is the only produce district of lake salt. The local area has sand dunes, red lawns, lakes, birds, and salt lakes. But due to the less convenient traffic they are isolated from foreign tourists.

According to history document, the exploration of the salt lake started from the Qin and the Han Dynasty. If it’s true, that salt lake would have a history of over 2000 thousand years. According to the record, salt produced here is of high quality and is of large quantity. Since the ancient time Dingbian Salt Lake is one of the major tunnels of official fiscal income.

In each spring, when the warm south wind arrives from afar, lots of spray would be born in the Dingbian Salt Lake. The sprays solidifying in short time produces shinny crystal.

May and June is the salt producing season of Dingbian Salt Lake. Under the clear blue sky fleeced with white clouds, the workers and carts for transferring salt make up some oil-painting-like scenery.

When the summer comes, it would become a colorful world. The salt lake presents rich colors to the world under the strong sunlight. Algae and the different mineral ingredients contribute a lot to that feast for eyes. It looks much like a huge color palette. Isn’t it?

In autumn and winter, the salt lake meets its dormancy stage. The rich colors will go and water of the lake gets so calm like a mirror. The whole lake becomes a mirror of the sky.