The Site of the Broadsword Wang Wu’s Yuanshun Escort Firm

Instead of visiting the Grewat Wall, Hutong, I visit the Broadsword Wang Wu’s Yuanshun Escort Firm in my Beijing Xian tour. The Site of the Broadsword Wang Wu’s Yuanshun Escort Firm was at the No. 13, west Banbi Street, Zhushikou (the pearl market intersection). The firm office was divided into three courtyards — the front, back and west yard, with 33 and a half rooms. Its front gate had two red painted doors. Entering into the gate, you would find a piece of orange yellow flag hanging high on the right upper corner of the corridor, on which wrote four big letters of “Yuanshun biaoju”. On the eastern walls along the corridor hanged two tablets opposite to each other, which were presented by the craft brothers and the public. One of the tablets was about merits and virtues: “De rong wei hua”, (influence the general public with good virtues) and the other was a complimenting one which says: “Yi zhong xie can” ( the righteousness can overload a wagon) . There were two wooden steles hanging inside the gate which said “shangwu(warrior)” and “ji pin (poor relief)”. They were presented by the public. In the front courtyard were the storehouse, stalls and cart shed; the west yard was the place where armed escorts lived and exercised martial arts. On the two sides of the courtyard was the enginery frame of the 18 kinds of weapons including falchion, spear, sword, and halberd. In the courtyard were various kinds of exercising facilities such as iron barm leather rope, sand bag, springboard, wood stake and stone pole.

In the photo is the backyard where Wang Wu and his family lived in. Wang Wu was murdered in 1900 by the allied forces of the eight western countries, and the Chinese martial arts master Huo Yuanjia (1869-1920) came to Beijing to carry back Wang’s dead body. And Huo lived in the first room on the left. Today, Wang’s dead fourth later generation, the grandson’s wife Li Jiazhi, had migrated to other places. The reliques of Wang Wu, the old-fashioned square rosewood table meant fir eight people, as well as a fauteuil, are well kept. Wang’s living house is now rent to several small businessmen from outside Beijing.

Finishing the Beijing tour, I continue to travel Xian for the well-known Terracotta Warriors and Horses.