The Thousand Island Lake Devotes to Forging the First Lake-around Cycling Greenway

The deputy head of Chun’an County, Hangzhou City, Wang Jun revealed that the Thousand Island Lake is turning from the simple sightseeing model to the combination of sightseeing, rural tourism and leisure and holiday travel, striding ahead to a comprehensive tourist destination. The present construction aims at forging the fist high quality lake-round greenway in China.

The feature tourism of the Thousand Island Lake develops fast recently, with cycling tour as being the most prominent one. Figures show that the number of cycling tourists has soared up from 3,000 in 2006 to 30,000 by 2011.

So far, the two demonstration sections of the cycling greenway, Pailing Peninsula and Qianfen are almost completed. The former one utilizes red, blue, green and purple to pave the bicycle lanes, and the latter one shows a beautiful idyllic landscape characterized by “fishing, mountains, fruits and lakes”.

Meanwhile, with the complement of RV camping base and the open of tour bus, it injects new vitality to the feature tourism of the Thousand Island Lake.

It is learned that the reception facilities of the lake have been improving. At present, there are totally 185 hotels of different levels, with over 18,000 standard beds, over 1,000 meeting rooms of different sizes. And six 5-star hotels have open to the public, including Kaiyuan Resort, CSL, Sheraton Zhoushan Hotel and Hilton Binjiang Hotel etc.