Wubu Ancient Stone City

“Strong as copper like Wubu, as iron like Jiazhou, as pig iron like Suide.” That is a saying wildly spread in northern Shaanxi Province. The “Wubu” in the saying refers to Wubu Ancient City.

Wubu Ancient City is also known as Wubu Stone City. The ancient city locates on the mountain range on bank of Yellow River. It is the most completely preserved county level township in northwestern China. That 1000 + years old stone city is honored as No. 1 Stone China in China.

There is no existed record about the founding time of the stone city. The earliest recording related to the stone city appears in a battle record: in the year 976, a general of Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) breached Wubu Fortress, killed 700+ body, and got 1000+ sheep and cattle. This record proves before the 2nd century Wubu Stone City was already developed into quite large scale.

Stepping into the stone city one will enter a stone world: the city wall, the city gates, the buildings in the city are all built with stone material. The moss here and there is telling people about the city’s ups and downs. Among the stones used as building materials, the heaviest ones can be 1000+kg, and the normal ones are usually 200-300kg.

Though the area of the city is not large, the existed building ruins clearly show the layout of the ancient city to modern people: County Government Office, temples, academy, female school, etc. The city has four main streets, 10+ lanes, and tens of stores. Inside the city there was a business street established in the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The business street used to be busy and bustling, while today there is only the street ruins lying there silently.

In the Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945), Japanese army regularly bombed local area, which damaged many ancient buildings in the city.

With time goes by, the city is gradually abandoned by young people. The people still living in the stone city is an senior couple.

No matter what time you come here, you will find no trace of modern commerce. You will come to a ancient, tranquil, and simple world.

Travel tips :

Entrance fee: no

Opening time: all the day

Driving route: Xian – Baomao Highway – Changyan Highway – turn to Qingjian in Yanchuan part – Yangan Road – G210 – Qingyin Highway – Turn to Wubu – Wumi Road  – Huanghe Dadao – Wubu Stone City. The driving covers 562km and will spend 8 hours.