Xi’an Museum & Small Goose Pagoda (Xiaoyanta)

Reviews on Xi’an Museum & Small Goose Pagoda (Xiaoyanta)

Visitor 1: “Amazing Fabrics and Jade”
This is a relatively small museum which mainly houses an exhibition of jade artefacts and exquisite dresses and costumes dating right up to the twentieth century. Unlike most other sites entry is free! In the grounds is the Small Goose Pagoda.

Visitor 2: “Interesting building but a little touristy…”
The building itself with its 9 levels is worth a look but the surrounding courtyards seemed to be nothing but places to sell things to the tourists. They even charge to wring the large bell.

Visitor 3: “This is a peaceful place in visit in a busy city”
A lovely peaceful park is around the Pagoda and it is a nice place to relax with some good photo opportunities available. Part of a hectic tour it made an enjoyable break.

Visitor 4: “Lovely Park and Dancing Fountain”
We didn’t have time to visit the pagoda itself as the queues were enormous (it was Chinese National Holiday), but the park was fascinating; very busy, well laid out, plenty of places to eat (both Chinese and Western).

At 2pm every afternoon the fountains ‘dance’ to Chinese and western classical music for half an hour. It really was a spectacular display.

The park is free to enter, the only charge being to see the pagoda itself.

Small Wild Goose Pagoda

Visitor 5: “Pretty Ground”
The whole garden/grounds area of the Small Goose Pagoda are quite well kept and picturesque. I especially enjoyed the rose garden which added some beautiful colour to my pictures of the pagoda. I didn’t take time to go through the museum because I’m not much of a fan, but presenting your passport (or photocopy) will get you free entrance to the grounds and museum.Visitor 6: “As interesting as the Big Pagoda”
You can walk freely in the park around the pagoda. However if you want to climb it, you have to pay (I forget the price). The park is nice and there are a few shops if you want to buy souvenirs. You can also ring a big bell for a few yuan.

The pagoda is smaller than the big one (obvious !) and it may be mpore difficult to climb if you have some troubles (stairs are steep and small. As for the big pagoda, the view on the top is not that impressive because Xi’an horizon is full of ugly buidlings. The top floor has also fences to prevent stuff to fall and it blocks the view.

Visitor 7: “A little off the beaten track but well worth escaping to”
Not far from the City Centre, this lovely park and the new modern and cavernous aircon Xi’an museum is well worth a few hours of your time. The little goose pagoda is what it is, but it’s set in some nice grounds, and has a lake with resident geese. It’s a shame the city authorities allow the building of excessively large buildings so close to the park.

Make sure you find your way round the park to the Xi’an museum. They don’t have the Terracotta warriors here (go to the Shaanxi History museum for that) but they do have all manor of other artifacts that are nicely displayed.

Xian Museum

Visitor 8: “Super informative museum”
We spent a week in Xi’an “doing” museums, and this one was well-worth the time to visit. In the basement is a scale model of how the city looked in ancient times. We found it informative.

The artifacts, such as Han period ceramics and jades, found in the city of Xi’an were well-displayed. Again, the English descriptions were minimal, and we had to ask our guide to translate the Chinese for us.

The Small Goose pagoda had its top knocked off during an earthquake, but what’s left is intact so you can see the 7th century building. Supposedly closed on Tuesdays, it was open the Tuesday we visited because of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Visiting the Big and Little Goose Pagodas, the Islamic Mosque and Market, the Sha’anxi Museum and the Xi’an Museum over 2 days is highly recommended.

Visitor 9: “Worth a detour”
Didn’t go into the museum but walked around the small goose pagoda. You won’t need to spend much time here but lovely to see. Fascinating to hear how an earthquake previously seriously cracked the pagoda and then 200 years ago another one closed it again. Its been standing for hundreds of years which is amazing since its stuck together with sand and sticky rice!