Guide to Read a Chinese Ticket & Board a Train in China

Guide to Read a Chinese Ticket

Guides to Board a Train in China

  • Please take your train ticket & passport to train station 1 hour in advance.
  • When you get to the train station, firstly you need to go through the security check (find the board of the entrance gate & security checkpoint or just follow the passenger flow). Please do not take anything threatening safety of the society or any illegal items.
  • Find the waiting hall. Locate the waiting hall of your train from the LED screen which tells the corresponding hall for different train number.
  • When you come inside and find the waiting hall, you will see the different areas in the big hall. Now, please look at the small LED screens at each boarding gate, find your train number and wait here.
  • Get your ticket checked and follow the passengers to your train.
  • Locate your exact seat or bed according the train tickets in your hand.

Special Note:

As there usually are more than one train station in some cities in China, like Beijing, Shanghai and Xian, you are suggested to make clearly which station you will go to in advance according to your train tickets.

Meanwhile, for our customers, we also have suggested place at the train station when pick you up to avoid that you and guide/driver can’t find each other soon: