Overnight train tour to Xian and Terracotta Warriors

Customers from USA

Date of Experience Jan, 2019

Itinerary 1 Day Shanghai-Xian Tour by Overnight Train

I had an excellent experience with the overnight train trip from Shanghai to Xian and tour of the Terracotta Warriors. The coordinator, Grace, and the guide, Sally, were very accommodating and kept me informed all along the way. I was solo on the tour so the only difficulty I had was feeling a bit lost when searching for the correct train platform and navigating the large train stations in Shanghai and Xian by myself. The other issue that created a small hiccup in the process was that the sheets and bedding were not clean when boarding the train for the return trip to Shanghai from Xian. The bedding, pillow and sheets of the previous occupants of the sleeper berth had not been changed so I had to ask a porter to change the sheets. This caught me a bit off guard as the outbound trip from Shanghai had been pristine. As these issues were not under the control of the tour company, I’d highly recommend this tour.