Discover Guangxi – A Fairyland of Chinese Painting Landscape

As summer comes, visitors are flocking to Guangxi to enjoy incredible natural wonders. The landscape of Guangxi is second to none. The vast and serene karst river among the green fields mirrors sublime peaks, creating a vivid landscape painting. Below are some of the iconic attractions in Guangxi.



Longji Terraced Fields

Built 650 years ago, Longji terraced fields wind up from the riverside to the mountain top, resembling a ladder to the sky. The villages at the mountaintop are mainly dwelled by Yao and Zhuang minorities featuring wooden stilted rural houses and rich ethnic customs. Viewpoints scattered among the villages allow you to take insanely Instagramable photos from different angles.

Detian Waterfall

The Asia’s largest and world’s fourth transnational waterfall – Detian Waterfall – crosses the border between China and Vietnam and cascades down the cliff with multiple drops, sending up clouds of spray. The roar of the water can be heard miles away. You could take a bamboo raft to see the majestic waterfall at a close distance or wander along the plank road to enjoy a panoramic view of the waterfall.

Lijiang River 

At the mention of Guangxi, people will always think of the saying, “the landscape of Guilin tops those elsewhere”. Indeed, Guilin is endowed with  much more unparalleled mountain and river sceneries comparable to Guilin.The Yellow Cloth Shoal along the Li River, depicted on the back of the 20 RMB bank note, presents a beautiful ink-and-wash painting which is composed of steep green hills, extremely clear water reflections, and fishermen with their fishing raft.

When you travel to Guilin, you must first visit the Lijiang River and have a look at the Ten-Mile Gallery, a scenic road stretching from the Yangshuo town area to Moon Hill, with winding streams, gorgeous peaks, boundless green fields and pastoral villages against the blue sky. Biking is a perfect way to appreciate the beauty of nature and ease into the idyllic lifestyle.

Next, walk into the Yangshuo ancient town, a place that mixes the eastern and western culture harmoniously. Here you can appreciate the well-preserved ancient buildings, as well as go for a cup of drink or coffee at the exotic cafe bars.

Mingshi Village

Highly praised by China National Geography Magazine as “The landscape of Guilin tops those elsewhere while the scenery of Chongzuo excels that of Guilin”, Chongzuo is a hidden fairyland with rich, primitive karst landscape.

There is a secret wonderland – Mingshi Village quietly nestled among karst forests.

There are prosperous farmlands, clear and winding river, and orderly cottages.

You can take a bamboo raft along the crystal clear river or visit the Folk Museum of the Zhuang ethnic minority in Mingshi Village and learn about the mysterious customs of Zhuang people.


Weizhou Island

You can walk into the stunning Weizhou Island, the largest and youngest volcanic island in China, where you can experience the simple seaside life. You could go beachcombing with your kids before sunrise, picking up shells and catching small crabs,or appreciate the lava landscape at the geological park and find some beautiful volcanic rocks.

Stepping into the French Neo-gothic Catholic Church, the largest Catholic church in the coastal area of Guangxi, you could have a glimpse of the spiritual belief of the people on the island.

The ultimate romantic experience will be etched in your memory.