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Tour Overview

This 8-day western Guizhou tour will take you to discover more fascinating natural scenery, starting with the Wujiangyuan Baili Gallery. Explore the only World Geopark in Guizhou and marvel at the spectacular & colorful stalactite caves. After learning about the unique culture of the Long Horn Miao people, feast your eyes on the endless sea of flowers on Chives Lawn. The sunrise over the sea of clouds in the morning here is one of the best.

Next is a grassland hike, a visit to the sinkhole, and an exploration of the Maling River Canyon and Wanfengling. The tour ends with Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Asia. The incredible thing is that you can touch the curtain of the waterfall as it cascades down.

Highlights of this tour:

1. Take a leisure boat to explore the beautiful Wujiangyuan Baili Gallery with towering peaks and magnificent waterfalls.
2. Enjoy a fun exploration of the first world geological park in Guizhou – Zhijin Cave, to admire many stalagmites, stone pillars, and stone buds of various shapes, with colored lights.
3. Step into Souga Village to get an insight into the featured Long Horn Miao culture, and traditional costumes of locals.
4. Immerse in the tens of thousands of acres of wild leek flowers on the undulating hills in Chives Lawn, and do not miss the spectacular sunrise over the sea of clouds atop the flowers.
5. Hiking along the Malinghe Canyon with spectacular waterfalls and limestone karst mountains; Visit Wanfenglin to see endless eye-catching peak forests and peak clusters scattered across its expanse.
6. Discover Asia’s largest waterfall – Huangguoshu Waterfall to catch the infinitely changing forms of water.

Day-by-day Itinerary

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  1. Please make your own way to Guiyang Airport. Upon arrival, the local driver will pick you up from the exit gate. And then you will be transferred to your hotel. Get a good rest to refresh yourself for tomorrow's tour.

    Accommodation: Guiyang

  2. In the morning, take a boat trip to visit the Wujiangyuan Baili Gallery Tourist Area formed by the construction of Dongfeng Hydropower Station. The lake is clear, the reflection is blue, the tranquility is beautiful, the peaks on both sides of the river are steep and magnificent, and many waterfalls and mountain springs fall into the lake, which is the most beautiful cliff gallery along the Wujiang River.

    Guizhou Wujiangyuan Baili Gallery
    Wujiangyuan Baili Gallery

    After lunch, go to visit Zhijin Cave, the first-world geological park in Guizhou, which is full of stalagmites, stone pillars, and stone buds of various shapes, forming a spectacular karst landscape, which is breathtakingly beautiful, especially under the colored light.

    In the evening, go to Pingyuan Old Town to enjoy the night view.

    Accommodation: Zhijin County

    Guizhou Zhijin Cave
    Zhijin Cave with Stalagmites & Stone Pillars

  3. After breakfast, take a guided tour to Suoga Village, the hometown of the Long Horn Miao, which is built on the mountain, simple and primitive. People here live a simple natural and economic life.

    The profound national culture and complete folk customs have attracted countless tourists. Local women usually wear wooden horns on their heads, fully reflecting the buffalo worship culture. During festivals, they also wrap wigs weighing up to 15 kg around the wooden horns as decoration.

    Guizhou Suoga Village
    Suoga Village, the hometown of the Long Horn Miao

    There is an eco-museum built in collaboration with Norway in this village, where you can get a deeper insight into the local culture. After the visit, drive for about 2 hours to Chives Lawn for check-in.

    Accommodation: Chives Lawn

  4. Wake up early to capture the spectacular sunrise over the sea of clouds atop the Chives Lawn. The world's largest area of leek blossoms grows at the top of the mountain. Every August and September, tens of thousands of acres of wild leek flowers on the undulating hills bloom spectacularly.

    Guizhou Chives Lawn
    Chives Lawn

    After that, take a 2-4 hour hike in the Wumeng Prairie. With a cool climate (an average temperature of 11℃), the grassland is an excellent place to escape the summer heat. Various outdoor activities are available on the grassland (optional, at your own expense), such as horseback riding, archery, barbecue, etc., making it an ideal choice for family trips. In addition, you will enjoy the majestic view of the surrounding peaks and forests, which, from a distance, looks like a stunning painting!

    Guizhou Wumeng Prairie
    Wumeng Prairie

    * Note: If you have limited physical strength, we can arrange a full van sightseeing for you instead of the Wumeng Prairie hike (additional fee required).

    Accommodation: Liupanshui

  5. Start our today’s visit with Yubulu Buyi Village, a place hidden in the landscape and isolated from the bustling city. It is one of the rare inhabitable sinkholes in the world, inhabited by 126 families, totaling more than 500 people. It is a space for people to get close to nature while immersing themselves in an artistic interior scene.

    Enjoy your afternoon at Malinghe Canyon, which is praised as "the Most Beautiful Scar on Earth". During the 2 hours of hiking, you will absorb the alluring views of lush, subtropical plants, winding rivers, and a lot of cascades. Rafting on the river is also popular and attracts a large number of tourists (optional).

    Accommodation: Xingyi

    Guizhou Malinghe Canyon
    Malinghe Canyon

  6. Today, we will head to Wanfenglin (Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks) - a famous karst geopark composed of numerous peaks of various shapes: array, sword, dragon, arhat, and piled-up hats. It was listed as one of the six most beautiful peak forests in China by the China Geography Magazine.

    Guizhou Wanfenglin
    Wanfenglin, aka Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks

    West Peak Forest is its main visiting area where towering peaks are surrounded by green fields, winding rivers, verdant forests, and quaint villages. You can enjoy a leisurely 2-3 hour hike through the rice fields and take in the unparalleled countryside scenery. After the tour, drive about 2.5 hours to Guanling for the night.

    * Note: You can also take a battery car to go sightseeing in the rice fields instead of walking in the fields (additional fee required).

    Accommodation: Guanling

  7. This morning, embark on the trip to Huangguoshu Waterfall. Visit the Doupotang Waterfall, or "Steep Slope Pool" Waterfall in the upper reaches of Huangguoshu Waterfall, the widest waterfall in the area, measuring 105 meters in width and 21 meters in height.

    Move forward to Tianxingqiao Scenic Area, about 7 km away from downstream Huangguoshu Waterfall. In contrast to the grand and magnificent Huangguoshu Waterfall, Tianxingqiao is mysterious and exquisite, scattered with weird limestone formations, caves, waterfalls, lakes, lush trees, etc.

    Guizhou Huangguoshu Waterfall
    Huangguoshu Waterfall

    Then head to Huangguoshu Waterfall to marvel at the largest waterfall in Asia at 81 meters high, and 101 meters wide.

    Besides the numerous odd-shaped stalactites, the Water Curtain Cave also enables you to appreciate the grand waterfall from the backside, and even touch the cascading waterfall.

    Afterwards, you will be transferred to Guiyang for the last night of this 8-day Guizhou tour.

    Accommodation: Guiyang

  8. After breakfast, feel free to enjoy your morning. Your driver will pick you up at the hotel at the appointed time and then escort you to the airport for your departure. The 8 days western Guizhou tour ends here.

    Accommodation: N/A

Price Includes

  • Private van with good air conditions;
  • Excellent English-speaking guides & experienced drivers;
  • 7 night's well-selected comfortable hotels with daily breakfasts;
  • Entrance tickets to the scenic spots as mentioned in the itinerary;
  • 1 bottle of mineral water for each person per day;
  • A boat trip inside the Wujiangyuan Baili Gallery Tourist Area;
  • China Travel insurance.

Price Excludes

  • Flights to/off Guiyang;
  • Lunches and dinners throughout the itinerary;
  • Any optional activities inside the attractions;
  • Any item not mentioned in the itinerary;
  • All kinds of gratuities for guides, drivers & others.
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