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Confucian Temple in Wuwei

The Confucius Temple, also known as the Wenmiao Temple in Chinese, is located in the southeastern part of Wuwei City. This historic compound traces its origins back to the Ming Dynasty, specifically 1439 when it was established under the decree of the emperor and with generous contributions from the public. The primary purpose behind the temple’s construction was to honor and commemorate Confucius, an eminent philosopher, and educator of ancient China. Renowned for its vast architectural expanse, the Confucius Temple stands as the largest Confucian temple in Northwest China, encompassing an expansive area of approximately 15,300 square meters.

  • Location: in the southeast of Wuwei City
  • History: Dates back to the Ming Dynasty having been established in 1439
  • Area: 15,300 square meters
  • Opening Time: 08:00 to 17:00
  • Time Needed: 1 hour
  • Ticket Price: CNY 31
Confucian Temple in Wuwei
Confucian Temple in Wuwei

What to See and Do in Confucian Temple in Wuwei

The temple complex consists of two distinct sections: the Confucius Temple and the Wenchang Hall.

The Confucius Temple serves as the place of worship dedicated to Confucius, while the Wenchang Hall is devoted to the veneration of the god associated with literature and culture. Within the temple grounds, several structures can be found, including the Mountain Gate, the Stage, the Shrine of Master Niu, the Shrine of Master Liu, the Shrine of Worship, the Hall of Great Achievement, the Hastate Gate, the Lattice Gate, the Bridge of the “Number One Scholar,” and the Banchi Pool.

The temple is also home to a remarkable collection of invaluable artifacts and writings. Among these treasures, the most renowned is the Western Xia Tablet, a national treasure of great significance.

Additionally, the temple houses the Wuwei Museum, which safeguards an extensive assortment of over 36,000 books, scrolls, calligraphies, paintings, and other cultural relics. Notable items within the museum’s collection include rare artifacts such as Han Dynasty Wooden and Bamboo Slips, Wooden Scriptures, a Mummy, the Galloping Bronze Horse, and a Western Xia Bronze Cannon.


Best Time to Visit the Confucian Temple in Wuwei

The best time to visit the Confucian Temple in Wuwei depends on personal preference and schedule. Consider the mild and comfortable weather of spring and autumn, when the scenery is beautiful.

Wuwei hosts local festivals that enrich cultural experiences. Enjoy the Liangzhou Cultural Tourism Festival in September/October, the Wuwei International Kite Festival in April/May, and the Wuwei Grape Festival in August/September.

Confucian Temple Western Xia Tablet
Western Xia Tablet

How to Get to Confucian Temple in Wuwei

To reach the temple, you have convenient transportation options. Public buses numbered 3, 4, or 6 can take you there with a fare of 1 yuan RMB. The bus ride typically lasts around 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can opt for a taxi ride, which costs approximately 10 yuan RMB and takes about 10 minutes.


Attractions nearby the Confucian Temple in Wuwei

  • Wuwei Museum: A treasure trove of over 44,000 cultural relics, including nationally recognized artifacts such as the Bronze Galloping Horse and Western Xia Tablet, awaits at the museum located near the Confucian Temple.
  • Leitai Park: Just 600 meters from the Confucian Temple, Leitai Park showcases an ancient tomb attributed to Han Dynasty general Zhang Qian, featuring captivating wooden and stone carvings and a replica of the renowned Bronze Galloping Horse.
  • Tiantishan Grottoes: Situated around 50 kilometers south of Wuwei City, the Tianti Grottoes house Buddhist cave temples with magnificent rock-carved statues, although some caves have been destroyed due to earthquakes and the creation of a water reservoir.
  • Luoshi Pagoda: Standing 33 meters tall and located approximately 2 kilometers from the Confucian Temple, the Luoshi Pagoda is an impressive octagonal brick structure within Kumaraji Temple, housing the stupa of the famed Buddhist translator Kumarajiva.

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