2017 Luoyang Peony Festival

In traditional aesthetics, peony is the king of flowers. Hence the peony is honored as national flower of China. In ancient capital city Luoyang, from early April to early May the yearly Peony Festival draws attention of thousands of attention of domestic tourists and many international visitors. And the festival becomes the top attraction regarding any one’s Luoyang tour in April and May.  It’s reported 2017 Luoyang Peony Festival will be held from April 5th to May 5th. If one have limited time, a One Day Luoyang Tour from Xian will be good to appreciate peony in Luoyang.

Soil of Luoyang is most ideal for flowers planting, and among the flowers peony is the most eye-catching. China is the hometown of peony and Luoyang is the first place to find and cultivate peony. The big flower crown, bright color, and the gorgeous and decent temperament wins nation-wide fame of peony. Peony cultivating and appreciating origins from the Jin Dynasty, and grew fashionable in the following dynasties: the Sui Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty. And in the Song Dynasty, national love for peony welcomed its peak time. After thousands of years’ cultivating, peony spread in most part of China, but the peony in Luoyang is still the most attractive one due to its large planting scale, rich variety, color and longer appreciating duration.

The first flowering phase of early-flowering peony comes at around April 9th, and the peak flowering phase is at around April 13th. And the first flowing phase and peak flowering phase of different peony last till late April. No matter one which day you come to Peony Festival, you will appreciate the most unique and heart-touching beauty of national flower of Chinese nation. The highly recommended place for 2017 peony seeing is Wangcheng Park, Peony Park, Xiyuan Park, Sehnzhou Mudan Yuan, etc.

Besides the peony, the origin place of Chinese Kongfu Shaolin Temple, and the World Cultural Heritage Longmen Grottoes would make your Luoyang stay more impressive. Luoyang is only 2 hours by fast train from Xian – hometown of Terracotta Warriors and Horses, 4 hours by fast train from  Beijing – hometown of Great Wall and Forbidden City, and 6 hours from Shanghai. No matter you will be traveling to Beijing, Shanghai, or Xian, a peony journey to Luoyang would be worthwhile.

Going to Luoyang for Chinese national flowering appreciating in April 2017.  Are you ready?