Niubeiliang Nature Reserve

Niubeiliang Nature Reserve, or Niubeiliang National Forest Park, located in Zhashui County which is in south of Shaanxi province and east of Qinling region, wins its name “Niubeiliang” as the mountain in a buffalo’s back-looking shape.

It not only has a name of Buffalo but also has a character of the animal—it is not easy to conquer as its height is more than 1000 meters and the highest part is more than 2800 meters. The mountain may be lack of great excitement and thrill compared with Mount Hua but it never lacks fair scenes in this mountain. Primeval forest, grand waterfalls, clear stream, unique canyon sight, rare plants and animals and even the vestige of the Quaternary glaciations, actually in Niubeiliang Nature Reserve, Where There Is a WILL There Is a WAY.

People like to come here to challenge and also relax themselves. Who maybe badly treated in the noisy and stressful cities—heavy burden from work, family, social activities, all may drive you to be crazy and push you to flee. Come to here, Niubeiliang will wait for you, bear with you and ease you as an old loyalty friend.

Is the travel here just a hill climbing? NO, it is a “friends” party. These guys chose to have a climbing and food tour with their pretty friends in the rainy Niubeiliang; some one preferred to have a date with the natural scenery alone; and someone would an encounter with a cute squirrel.

Which one do you like? Would you have your own date with Niubeiliang?